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I really enjoyed it!

+ I went in already knowing how it ended but it still got to me. The deaths were really sad but I loved all of them

+ I loved Jyn. I loved the little moments we got - her saving the kid, her jumping in front of K-2SO to protect him -

+ I really liked the Jyn/Cassian but I'm actually glad that any potential romantic feelings were kept subtextual.

+ I loved K-2SO. He was hilarious and his sarcasm and snarky attitude were a delight. I loved him using a storm trooper as a weapon in the final battle. I loved him sulking over not getting a blaster. I loved his closeness with Cassian (want backstory on that too!) and his antagonistic relationship with Jyn that turned into mutual respect.

+ Chirrut and Baze were so great. I adored their relationship and they were absolutely married. Everything about them was the best.

+ "Are you kidding me? I’m blind." LOL.

+ The last sequence with Darth Vader was amazing.

+ I really liked all the characters but I wish the relationships between them had been fleshed out more and the writers had given them all a little more time to get to know each other and bond. For me Jyn/Cassian/K-2SO and Chirrut/Baze were the most filled out of the group but I wanted more of the others. I think if Jyn had known Chirrut and Baze from her youth on Jedha that would have helped with them a lot and it would have made their goodbye work even better. A longer scene between Bodhi and Jyn talking about her father would have been nice too. Maybe a short scene while on Yavin between Bodhi and Cassian about their dark pasts and making up for them. It was just missing a bit in the quiet character moments.

+ Of the Rogue One rebels Bodhi was the one with the least amount of depth but after his "This is for you Galen" I found myself really interested in their relationship and wanting to know more.

+ The CGI for Tarkin and Leia was... a good try. But with Tarkin especially it was a little too uncanny valley for me. I don't think we're quite there technologically to have CGI people against real actors.

+ The way the Alliance meeting played out didn’t entirely work for me. I think it would have if instead of Mon Mothma giving a solid no and the meeting immediately breaking up she had instead indicated it needed further discussion and the meeting continued with both sides fiercely debating what to do and Jyn/Cassian/et al deciding there wasn't time to wait. It would have made more sense that way.

+ This movie feels like it could be titled 'Orson Krennic’s Very Bad No Good Day', lol. If he wasn’t such a complete dickbag and general terrible person I might feel bad for him. One thing after another goes wrong - Tarkin takes over his project along with taking credit for it's success, he goes to Eadu where he learns Galen betrayed him and then the base is destroyed by rebels, he gets a talking to from Darth Vader and then when he goes to Scarif the rebels attack again! And the day ends with him being killed by his own weapon.

+ I wish there had been some women among the rebels that went with Jyn to Scarif as well as among the background Imperial officers both of which would have been very easy ways to add more women. That said I did like that there were female pilots in the rebel fleet during the Scarif attack.


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