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5x21 'Fly Into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing'

+ This was a great Sherlock/Bell episode. I was super annoyed during the previous episode because Marcus was in serious trouble but Sherlock was hands off for a lot of it. It made no sense and still doesn’t but everything with Sherlock this ep was excellent. That last scene between Sherlock and Marcus was so good. I loved it.

+ “I didn’t want you to throw away yourself. I may be an extraordinary detective but you are an extraordinary man. And that’s a far more precious thing, isn’t it?” Aw! And then he asks Marcus to eat ants with him and Marcus promises to try and watch. So basically a date, yes? That scene did make me realise that I actually ship Sherlock/Bell a little. It kind of snuck up on me, a very slow 5 season burn, but I think they’d be good together.

+ I also liked Sherlock preventing Marcus from giving into violence by attacking the abuser himself and the way it showcased again how Sherlock is willing to go outside the law to protect people. That’s a bit of a theme this season with what he did for Shinwell and it makes me wonder if he could end up doing something very illegal in the finale in order to protect someone (Joan?)

+ Meanwhile Joan was there and had that lovely scene with Marcus at the hospital but at the same time felt backgrounded. This has been something that’s felt like a reoccurring issue (see especially the lack of focus on her upon the reveal of Shinwell’s past and attack on Sherlock) and it bugs me.

5x22 'Moving Targets'

+ ”One of the reasons I work so hard not to lose myself is because I fear I will also lose you.” ♥ Lovely Joan/Sherlock scene.

+ I’m glad that we got to see more in depth how Joan feels about Shinwell (finally!) and I love that she wasn’t quite ready to consider him a lost cause.

+ I really enjoyed the tension between her and Sherlock over him throughout the episode.

+ It had surprised me a little that Sherlock was so set against Shinwell but his confession to Joan that he was ‘certain that in the end Shinwell would hurt her too’ tied it together. Sherlock felt betrayed (magnified by the fact that he committed a crime to help Shinwell) and he was afraid for Joan and the two together make his lack of empathy for Shinwell work for me.

+ I loved that last Shinwell/Joan scene. I like that Joan was proven right that he wasn't a lost cause when he gave her his signed confession.

+ I wish this wasn’t how the Shinwell storyline ended because I liked his interactions with both Joan and Sherlock. I think that the two being so at odds over him could have been an interesting story.

5x23 'Scrambled'

+ ...wtf?? Who is this woman? The fact that we've never seen her before and we don't see her interact with anyone else makes me think she could be a hallucination. I have a hard time seeing Sherlock having relapsed but he could be being drugged or have something wrong with him medically. Over the last couple episodes he's been shown sleeping multiple times. which is unusual, and might be a further clue. When she says "stop ignoring me" it could be Sherlock's subconscious telling him to stop ignoring the symptoms that something is wrong with him. I feel like this is the most likely option.

"People who love each other don't make threats, Sherlock. They make promises." As soon as she said this I immediately went - 'Moriarty!' This line screams Moriarty to me. She's clearly not Moriarty... except might she be? The English accent is interesting. I could see two options here - 1) Moriarty has changed her face (which is a bit outlandish for this show), or 2) this woman is acting as a surrogate for her. Maybe the woman has an earpiece and camera on her person and Moriarty is interacting with Sherlock through her. We know that Sherlock has been exchanging letters with Moriarty. She is one of the few people we know can really get to Sherlock and she’s the only woman he’s loved. (Well romantically, ignoring Joan, Kitty and his mother.) This is a completely out-there theory but I love the idea of Moriarty returning.

Or, maybe Elementary is taking a page from Sherlock's book and doing an unknown third Holmes sibling. I doubt this one the most. That's really not how Sherlock interacts with his family and I feel like we'd have had mention of her before.

+ I wish that we had seen this case of Sherlock's and his turmoil over it in the last couple episodes as a C-plot.

+ I really liked Joan taking the lead on the investigation and her determination to take down SBK and fulfill Shinwell's last wish. I loved her staying up all night and figuring out the code.

+ The A-plot of the episode with the enigma machine, the blind and meme communication methods, and the brother who is secretly the gang leader was fun.

+ I did have one huge issue with the case – why would they bring the brother into interrogation and reveal all their cards to him? They had to know that he wouldn’t randomly confess all and seeing his reactions to questions wouldn’t give them enough information that it would make up for revealing their interest in him. It just gave him further warning about their intentions and it was a stupid move.
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