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The Chosen

+ I loved Clarke making the choice to give up her helmet to Emori and trusting in her Nightblood. That's the second time now that Clarke has chosen Emori's life potentially over her own and it makes me wonder if we're going to get a third time in the finale to round it out. Like, something goes wrong and they can't take everyone and Clarke ends up giving up her seat for Emori or something. Or judging by past finales a lever needs to be pulled from the outside for them to take off and Clarke stays to pull it.

+ I was disappointed by how Clarke's decision to retrieve Raven played out. I was hoping for it to be far more about Clarke wanting to save Raven, because she's her friend and she loves her, whereas it came off a lot more as Clarke running away from the mess at the bunker (not wanting to deal with it and how her choice had affected things) with a side of her wanting to make-up with Bellamy.

+ Bellamy forgiving Clarke so quickly and easily actually worked just fine for me. I mean in season 2 he moved past Clarke being willing to sacrifice Octavia with barely any comment and now there is literally a day till the end of the world and the potential of either of them dying. Him not being willing to hold on to his anger made sense. Plus tbh he didn't actually even seem that angry but rather more exasperated "oh for fucks sake Clarke" over it.

+ As a whole I really liked Clarke/Bellamy this ep. I loved his worry for her and protectiveness.

+ Octavia/Indra make me go awww in basically every interaction they have. I really love the progression of the relationship over the series and how Indra has now slid into the role of Octavia's second (while still being her mentor/adoptive mom figure). I loved Indra telling Octavia "I'll be right beside you." and then at the end offering to deal with Skaikru for her. Aww.

+ I loved that shot of everyone arriving at Becca's lab. I am so excited for Best Team Ever to fly off into space. I'm just anxiously biting my nails over the possibility of some of them dying before they get to that point. I mean at least one of them has to die right? I like all of these characters but I'm most worried about Murphy and Monty.

+ Why no Clarke/Raven hug? ): I did like the Bellamy/Raven hug.

+ Abby deciding to give up her spot made me mentally throw my hands up. Most people aren't inherently more important/special as to be necessary but as one of two doctors Abby certainly freaking is! She will inevitably save far more lives surviving in the bunker then the one who gets her spot. Especially with her training new doctors/scientists.

+ I don't entirely buy Abby's guilt and remorse (for what she did on the Island, for condemning 340 of her people to death by helping to open the bunker) being enough off a cause for her to want to give up her life in recompense. That's just not Abby. She's a fighter. I wonder if this is caused more because of her potential brain issues?

+ I'm upset and disappointed by the lack of any reaction from Clarke to Jasper's death. We get a short shot of Bellamy but absolutely nothing from Clarke and it was damn weird. Clarke and Jasper have been in a bad place for the last two seasons (though in their last scene together I think they managed to reach a peace) but they were close during the first two and Jasper's life was the very first one she saved. There should have been something! At the very least where is her sympathy for Monty, her "I'm sorry for your loss"? She knew how important Jasper was to Monty. It really stuck out in a bad way.

+ Dad Miller putting his son's name in instead of his own was such a lovely moment. Then after Nate's name is called we get a really nice moment between the two.

+ Jackson/Miller had a couple little background moments that were great. I loved the hug.

+ The Clarke/Abby scene was lovely.

+ I loved this Abby/Bellamy exchange: "Take care of each other." / "Yes, ma'am."

+ Octavia telling off Jaha was pretty satisfying.

+ Yay for Octavia saving Niylah. I am so relived. I never would have thought in season in 3 that I would become so attached to her but she was actually the character I was most worried about coming into this episode. I could see no way for her to be added to the Skaikru 100.

I liked her understanding why she was attacked - "it's human nature to fight" - and how she seems to have no ill will towards any of them. Her whole exchange with Octavia was a nice scene.

+ The Kane/Jaha scene was great. I loved that Kane realised that Jaha was up to something and him who talked Jaha down. I loved them gassing their people in order to be able to save 100 of them. I love all the shades of mount weather we got this season.

+ Okay, Jaha picking up the little kid at the end got to me.

+ I loved Echo popping up to save everyone and to try and get a spot for herself in the small bunker. She's is just as much of a survivor as Murphy. I also really liked her short talk with Clarke. If anyone can understand where she was coming from it was Clarke.

+ Aw poor Emori. That little talk with Murphy in the truck about how she'd never felt safe until the bunker and never had a home was sad.

+ Murphy continues to be the best boyfriend. I loved him trying to reassure Emori, and telling her he was her home and him fighting for her during and after the attack.

+ Why the hell did the radiation affect Emori so quickly? Echo and the other Grounders were out in it without coughing up blood.

+ So with the two extra spots (with Clarke/Bellamy/Raven not entering the bunker, but Niylah added) I wonder who is going to be saved in their place? They're going to save dad Miller right? Because he's the best dad (sorry Kane!) and he needs to be saved.

+ I love that Clarke's List came back into play.

+ I have to admit that I'm a little surprised that it was so easy to get Skaikru out of the main bunker. Sure they had surprise on their side but Skaikru were all settled in already and their lives were literally on the line. I would have expected far more of a battle.

+ I also found it super strange and honestly unbelievable that there weren't Grounder outside the bunker trying to figure out a way to get in/waiting for an opportunity.


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