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10x05 'Oxygen'

Enjoyable, solid episode.

+ The sequence with them first exploring the station was great.

+ I enjoyed Nardole a lot this ep and loved him confronting the Doctor at the end. He also got a lot of great lines.

+ The interactions between Twelve, Bill and Nardole were great. I loved the group hug.

+ The sequence at the airlock with Bill was terrifying and very well done.

+ I loved that the ‘bad guy’ weren't the suits becoming sentient or breaking down or zombies but unfettered capitalism and greed. Of course oxygen would be sold.

10x06 'Extremis'

+ I'm so happy to see the Master again. I love her. She is always a delight. I knew she was going to be in there but the spoilers made me sure it was going to be a different version.

+ "I am your friend." // "She's a friend of mine." I love their frenemies relationship so much.

+ The pope and various cardinals showing up at Bill's apartment and interrupting her date with Penny was hilarious. I loved the way she said "you're all going to hell", lol. I love the Doctor telling her at the end to take a chance and ask Penny out.

+ Aww River sent Nardole to the Doctor to take care of him and occasionally kick his ass.

+ I enjoyed Nardole/Bill. I loved Nardole telling Bill that he'll kick her ass to protect her if he needs to. I loved them going into the random portal.

+ I am also continuing to really enjoy Nardole. I loved him calling the Doctor an idiot for keeping secrets from Bill. His realisation of what the projectors really meant and then panic as he started to disappear made me really feel for him.

+ I love how the sonic shades got used here.

+ I wonder if there's a reason why the Doctor didn't just put the vault in the TARDIS?


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