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The Good, the Bad and the Crispy

I can absolutely see why they decided to move the last four episodes of this season to next season because this episode was perfect as a finale.

+ I loved Lucifer’s solution to his mom problem. Using the flaming sword to open a doorway to nothingness and letting her return to where she began to start anew was a very neat solution.

+ I liked that in the end 'Charlotte' truly did love her children. She never considered for a second trying to force the key from Amenadiel and it was Lucifer bringing up how so many would die in war if she returned to Heaven that was the final push need to have her let go.

+ I am so relieved Linda didn’t die. For a moment I thought the show would go there and I was really upset! In the first trailer for the series Linda made me cringe but she quickly became one of my favourite parts of the show. I’m also super glad that she didn’t react to her torture and almost death by deciding she wanted nothing more to do with all the angels and demons in her life. She seriously has a core of steel. I love that she apparently held out through some significant torture before giving up Lucifer’s secret. I also really liked her reaction the first time Charlotte showed up at her office and her pulling out the duck tape.

+ Maze’s reaction to Linda’s attack was everything I could have wanted. I love those two so much.

+ I loved the Linda/Lucifer scene and him for once deciding to concentrate on her instead of himself (character growth!) I just wish we’d seen some of that talk.

+ I loved Amenadiel finally regaining access to his powers in order to save Linda. I liked their friendship in season one but they haven’t had many interactions this season. I hope next season spends a little more time on them.

+ Maze/Trixie were adorable as hell. I love that Maze lets Trixie play doctor and their little fist bump at wussy Lucifer was super cute.

+ Ella hugging Chloe - aww!

+ Poor Dan. He really is a good guy and this whole Charlotte situation sucks so much for him.

+ Poor Charlotte! I thought she was dead and that's how 'mom' took possession of her body? Being alive is definitely better but her life is a mess now.


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