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The Pyramid at the End of the World


Things I did like:

+ I loved the aliens pointing out that as his Companion Bill is the Doctor’s representative which is a very neat way of looking at it.

+ I enjoyed the entire opening section. The fact that Bill told Jenny everything amused me a lot. I thought the way they inter-cut the previouslies with Bill explaining it to Jenny was really neat. The little jab about Trump (“I mean he’s... orange”, lol) was great. I loved Bill’s reaction to learning the Doctor was President of Earth.

+ I continue to like Nardole a lot more than I did in the first few episodes. His and the Doctor’s back-and-forth at the lab, especially the little bit about “clean your room”, amused me. Also: "That's Nardole. He's not my fault." Hee.

+ The Doctor being unmoved at seeing a possible end to Earth while it freaked everyone else out was a nice Doctor moment.

+ I liked Erica. I loved how calm she was throughout. Her expression when the Doctor said she’d escape this situation with a crush on him was great.

+ The way the Doctor figured out which lab was the problem was clever.

Things I didn't like:

+ The other scientist Doug was so stupid. Entering the wrong numbers out of exhaustion was believable. But the fact that he took off his helmet and then left it off when everything else started dying, that he just grabbed a handful the dead plant gunk and brought it to the other room, that he left both doors open… it was simply too much stupid to be believable. Actually the whole lab part was full of dumb - automatic venting that you can't turn off even once there's a bio hazard emergency lockdown??

+ It bothered me how easily everyone seemed to be willing to hand over Earth to another species.

+ How does it work that they can accept Bill's consent because she represents the power that is the Doctor when he is on the phone with her saying 'absolutely not'? Wouldn't that revoke her place as his representative? Why am I looking for logic in this episode?

+ Seriously how does the UN (and thus presumably UNIT et al) not know that the Doctor has been working as a professor for decades? While also somehow knowing about Bill? That made no sense to me.

+ The Doctor okaying an attack on the pyramid felt off for him.

+ There had to be way for the Doctor to figure out the combination lock that didn’t involve him giving up as time ran out (the least Doctor thing ever) so Bill was pushed into handing over the Earth to save him. Does he not have his phone? Take a picture and send it to Bill/Erica/anyone and find out what numbers are showing or find something to reflect the lock so Erica could see it, or I’m sure there is some setting with the glassed that could help.

+ If the aliens wanted to be invited with love to take over the Earth, and had studied humans extensively, why would they take the form of mummy monks instead of making themselves something appealing to humans? Why purposefully push every fear button in their interactions with the humans instead of being enticing or playing saviours? I do not understand the logic of their approach.

+ If the Doctor is President of Earth in times of great crisis - which I don’t know that this qualified for when they first got him, shouldn’t ‘aliens’ go to UNIT first? – you’d think he’d have some power along with the title but everyone pretty much ignored him. Also you’d think the Secretary General would have a better way to get in contact with him.


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