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10x08 'The Lie of the Land'


+ Since Bill was the one who gave the Earth to the Monks it felt very appropriate for her to be the one to get it back. I liked that it wasn't simply the Doctor saving the day.

+ I liked Bill stepping up and sacrificing herself to save the world. That whole scene was very lovely. It reminded me a lot of River's death - with them arguing who would get to sacrifice themselves and her tying him up.

+ I really liked that the solution was Bill's love for her mother and the fantasy vision she had created of her (helped in part by the photos from the Doctor.) It was a pure love that gave the Monks power over the planet so it only stands to reason that only pure love could defeat them (explaining why the Doctor failed.)

+ "In amongst seven billion there's someone like you. That's why I put up with the rest of them." ♥ That whole final scene with Bill and the Doctor was lovely. I also enjoyed the way he told her how annoying he found the way humanity kept forgetting invasions and him assigning her homework.

+ I liked the Missy scenes. Bill's reaction to meeting her was great. The idea of her actually trying to change and become a good person is... interesting but I don't buy it. That said I did love her take down of the Doctor's version of being good.

+ I hated the Doctor's test which was so unnecessarily cruel. Bill going to the trouble of trying to rescue him + her general attitude when she was talking to him should have been enough to confirm she was free of Monk influence. Hell, even if she was influenced so what? The Doctor didn't seem all that worried about them. I was also really not impressed with his amused reaction after. It was super traumatic for Bill and he didn't seem to realise that or care. It felt very off. Ugh.

+ I hated Bill actually shooting the Doctor. WTF?! How was that in any way the appropriate response to that situation?? I'm annoyed that there was no follow up to it.

+ I don't really understand the Monks. Mainly what was even the point of the invasion? Did having all those people loving/worshipping them give them something? Why didn't they seem more concern about the Doctor? Why wouldn't they have Bill under surveillance? She was pretty essential to things working out! In fact why were they so lackadaisical about maintaining their rule? Why was it so easy to get into the pyramid and find that one room? Why didn't the ship Monk recognise Bill and stop her from meeting the Doctor? It doesn't make sense! None of the plotty stuff or anything with the Monks came together for me. They are my least favourite Doctor Who bad guy at this point.

+ The 6 months timeline didn't work for me either. I have a hard time buying the Doctor basically treading water on the prison boat for that long for what was basically no reason. All while people were being killed.

10x09 'Empress of Mars'

I liked this episode more.

+ "Of course I've got a plan. I'm all plans. I'm made of plans." Heh. Also the Doctor grumbling about the continued lack of a wood setting on his sonic screwdriver was amusing.

+ I loved Bill starting to righteously rant about the Colonel's attitude before getting side-tracking from her anger by the fact that he is actually is Victorian.

+ I liked the queen singling Bill out as the only other woman in the room and how Bill tried to leverage that in the final confrontation.

+ I loved the team-up with Friday, particularly Bill taking his hand and holding it up as a symbol of them working together and Friday actually stepping slightly in front of her when the other Ice Warriors aimed their weapons at her.

+ Well that some some weirdly ominous music at the end with Missy and the Doctor. I mean it's Missy so it's probably warranted but between the music and the way she says "are you alright" I find myself worried about the Doctor. Is she simply playing games? Well, duh it's the Master of course she is. She wants him to believe that she is sincere in reforming. But they way she asked that - does she see something wrong with him that isn't noticeable to us? Was that sincere worry for him?

+ So what the hell was up with the TARDIS? Was she acting on her own and wanted Missy free for some reason? Did Missy cause it somehow?

+ Bill looked really good.


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