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I loved it.

+ Young-shin and Jung-hoo are so adorable and work so well together. I love them. I particularly liked that little moment where Moon-ho comes upon her napping on Jung-hoo's lap.

+ "It has a GPS function." LMAO. I had to stop the episode I was laughing so hard. Yes, Jung-hoo that's what every girl wants - a necklace that let's her boyfriend track her every move. I liked him earnestly reassuring her that she could turn it off and on as needed. This whole scene was so cute. I love him being all 'let's talk after we sex' and his frustration at her maintaining a distance between them and her amusement at that.

+ Jung-hoo's 'omg heeeeeelp meeeee' terrified expression when Young-shin sees him trapped in the office with her father and ajusshi was hilarious. I loved that he was all gung-ho about trying the whole 'normal relationship' thing but as soon as he came face to face with her father lost all his confidence. The actual interrogation was super fun. Love dad/ajusshi and kind of ship them now. Young-shin sitting in the cafe having some ice cream as she listened in was the perfect topper for this scene.

+ I really loved that when Jung-hoo asked what Young-shin wanted to do at the end she got out of the car and sent him to save Moon-ho. She knows her limits. She knows that there will inevitably be fighting, which always causes her to shut down and thus she will be a hindrance in saving Moon-ho, and I love that she recognises that. I liked it bookending the start of the show where he asks her what she wants to do once the tape was found and she is 100% gung-ho for taking it even further and enacting their trap of the Elder. I liked the contrast between them and both are wonderful Young-shin moments.

+ The Moon-ho/Jung-hoo scene was wonderful. I love so much that Jung-hoo doesn't want to leave because he doesn't want to abandon Moon-ho. Awww! They have come so far! Moon-ho's half-joking but also half-genuine "I'm touched" and reassuring Jung-hoo that he's fine with him choosing Young-shin first was lovely and sad and sweet. Then at the end after the kidnapping it's sort of put to the test when Jung-hoo chooses to leave Young-shin (at her urging) in Moon-ho's parking garage, that Moon-ho was just kidnapped from (!), in order to go after the kidnappers.

+ I am seriously worried about Moon-ho. I genuinely think the show would kill him off, possibly while saving one of the kids, and that is too sad. I want him to finally be at peace and happy with the kids. ):

+ You know as soon as Jung-hoo gave her a trackable necklace I should have known that something was going to happen to Young-shin. Of course it would! I feel a little dumb for not picking up on such an obvious bit of foreshadowing. I was too distracted by their cuteness and trying to remember what pairing that exchange was reminding me of (Spock/Uhura). It wasn't until Jung-hoo left her in the parking garage that I went 'oh no'.

+ I loved the scene transition of young Moon-shik's statement against Joon-seok - first beaten up, shaken, literally trembling and terrified to blank and dead-eyed to confident and sleek.

+ I am honestly really impressed with Moon-shik. I love how clever and on the ball he always is. How he used the truth to twist everything during the interview was brilliant and it makes him a really effective antagonist. That shot of him remembering how he started working for the Elder and how completely unaffected he was by it shows how far he has lost himself. I really don't think he would hurt Moon-ho but I'm not 100% sure anymore which is worrying. I did find myself wondering at multiple points during the series about him doing a face-heel-turn either for Moon-ho or Myung-hee but it's looking increasingly unlikely. I do think Myung-hee is going to be vital in his eventual take-down however that plays out.

+ Really nice scene between Young-shin and her father. I loved her cracking up at her dad lamenting Bong-soo being a wimp.

+ Also a fun scene was 'Bong-soo's' return to the office. I really loved Young-shin and Moon-ho's pleased smiles watching him, their joking about him together, Young-shin's glee at the idea that Min-ja fired him, and just in general how happy they were together. The return of Jung-hoo's jealousy was amusing too.

+ Jung-hoo trying to readjust to living a 'normal' life was fun and a little sad to watch but I have to admit that I'm hoping that he returns to being Healer permanently. Except instead of taking any type of job he concentrates entirely on helping people. I think more than anything that's what he wants to do now. With Young-shin as his partner in crime something she would jump into with glee.

+ The Young-shin/Myung-hee scene was lovely but it threw me at first. Wiping the 'crumbs' from Young-shin's mouth and then freshening up her make-up are pretty intimate for a second meeting! Clearly a chunk of time has passed and they have become friends which is sweet. I wish we could have seen more of that.


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