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Episode 19

+ I loved that shot at Some Day News of Young-shin and Myung-hee laughing together as a smiling Moon-ho looked on.

+ I enjoy Jung-ho's so-done-with-this attitude. Such as him letting himself be captured so he could more easily get various guards fingerprints. Or him just casually sitting down beside the control room guard and chatting when he invaded Double S headquarters.

+ I do really enjoy how smart everyone is. Moon-shik and the Elder's plan to bring the kids under control was pretty well done. It was set up well consider how short a time they had to set it up. But I am a little surprised that there wasn't more pressure put on any of them to fall in line in the days afterwards.

+ I like that it was Moon-shik's arrogance and paternalistic attitude towards Myung-hee that ended up revealing the truth to her. It felt appropriate. I also liked Myung-hee's very understated reaction. I feel like at the very least her reaction was the best choice for her moving forward into a future by not dwelling on anger and bitterness.

Episode 20

This was a good episode but as a finale it felt a little rushed.

+ I am very happy that it was a happy ending across the board and that Moon-ho survived! I was so sure he was going to die.

+ I wish they'd skipped Jung-hoo's video message and used that time instead to give some more closure to various relationships. I wanted more between Young-shin and Myung-hee after the reveal. A scene with Young-shin/Moon-ho (/Jung-hoo) would have been nice. Are they working for Moon-ho still? What about Min-ja? Is Dae-yong her new Healer, is she still working with Jung-hoo and the others? For all that Moon-shik had such a huge presence over the series as an antagonist he went out with a whimper. What happened with him?

+ Everyone working together was so great to see. I just wish we could have had more of it over the series. The whole bacteria/whistle-blower plot came a little bit from out of nowhere but I liked the final plan. Jung-hoo setting up his Bong-soo persona to take the fall was great but I wish he'd hid his face more while on camera. That was more a directing flaw but it bugged me.

+ I love that it ends with Young-shin and Jung-hoo working together as partners.

+ I liked Myung-hee's reaction to learning that Ji-an was alive but I think they made their reunion too understated. We should have seen the reveal that Young-shin was her daughter. Young-shin should have been there. I was disappointed.

+ Also with all the talk between them about Young-shin's boyfriend I would have liked to see Young-shin introduce Jung-hoo to her mom and Myung-hee's reaction to it being him.

+ I loved Myung-hee crying at at a picture of Young-shin as a child, looking exactly as she remembered her, and it was by far the most emotionally affecting moment of the episode. The follow up of her looking through a photo album with Young-shin's dad was lovely.

+ Dae-yong swooping in to save Moon-ho from blackmail and kicking the photographer's ass was great.

+ I loved Jung-hoo calling Moon-ho 'uncle' and Moon-ho's face when he realised.

+ Moon-ho covering Jung-hoo's face after he was 'shot' but wasn't playing dead well enough - hee.

+ I honestly don't know what to think about Moon-shik's end and his apparent break with reality. We've seen him have hallucinations of Gil-han before but this goes far beyond anything I would have expected. The fact that this is apparently a common enough experience and his disassociating so far from his actions as to think he is Gil-han... it's sad and yet also weirdly appropriate?

Overall this was a really great drama. One that managed the impressive feat of staying enjoyable throughout with no slump near the end as so often happens. The characters and their relationships were great. In particular I love Young-shin so much, Jung-hoo was wonderful, and Young-shin/Jung-hoo were a delight from start to finish. It also had an interesting antagonist and a great supporting cast.


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