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+ For an episode where Dutch and Johnny spent the entire time apart this was a really great Dutch/Johnny episode. I love their holographic messages to each other and the fact that they know each other so well that they can time their holographic messages to each other. I love that their sad longing for each other and how much they missed each other was felt throughout the episode. I love that Johnny would be there the second Dutch needed him but she refuses to use that because she respects his need for space.

"Wifey? Boss? Non-sexual life partner?" - Ollie
"Actually... that would be Dutch." - Johnny

+ I really appreciated that even off on his own Johnny was helping his team with taking down the Hullen.

+ "It's the monsters that make the story... Oh, you misunderstood. You are not the monster. I am." Awesome!

+ I loved that Dutch is working with a large team now. Glad that Pree and Alvis and Fancy are going to be around more. Their trap was great.

+ Fancy/D'avin continue to be a delight together. They need to be partners always and also have more than one small scene.

+ I liked Ollie and I'm absolutely here for her and Johnny bonding. It was their little bedtime chat that made it work for me. I loved him coming in at the last moment to save her.

+ I am curious about the show's choice to disappear Clara. I didn't re-watch last season so my memory is foggy on her which makes the character switch easier to deal with even though I apparently really liked her. Was the actress not available? If that's the case I thought they did a pretty good job in working around it.

+ Johnny's glee over his new finger mod was adorable. I loved him being unable to stop playing with it.

+ D'Avin and Dutch being 'pretty good' with unnecessary nudity was pretty great but I was let down when we didn't actually get any of that.

+ I liked Pippin well enough and liked where he ended the episode but I really would have rather seen more of Sweet Jane. Team Dutch needs more awesome women on it.


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