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Today I ended up watching some Y&R clips from the last couple weeks of the show. Some thoughts:

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Jeanne Cooper died today at age 84.

I was really sad to hear this. The Young and the Restless just won't be the same without her.

This is Jeanne's last scene and likely Katherine's as well (though it wasn't meant to be). I really hope it is and that they don't recast her because that would just be wrong and this scene was the perfect goodbye to the character.

While watching I was teary-eyed from the start but when Katherine turned back, paused and then told Jill "Good night" I started crying. It and Jill's soft "Good night" felt very much like "good bye" to me.

It just feels right for Katherine's last scene to be with Jill. Her relationship with Jill was amazing and one of the best soap relationships ever.

She'll be missed.
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I'd love for Jill to mentor Sharon. The show doesn't seem to know what to do with Jill and actually I think they're a bit lost with Sharon as well. They keep going all around the place with her, and back-and-forth with her and Adam which is getting super irritating, and I think this could be a great solution.

1) It gives Jill her own storyline and something interesting (hopefully) to do.
2) It get's Sharon away from the Newman's, has her starting anew like she says she wants, and it gives her a non-romance storyline which she desperately needs.
3) It's an older female/younger female mentorship and would be amazing. This show needs more of those (or even some) and more female/female friendships. Jill could teach Sharon so much and not just in business.

Jill began as Katherine's companion. Sharon despite her stumbles does actually have various types of work experience: running Crimson Lights with Nick, working for Newman in various positions over the years - from her time with Dru in the cosmetics division, her spokesmodelling, her working with Nick, to being CEO and her duties while Adam was in charge; it's actually a lot of experience if you think about it. Certainly more than Jill had when she started so it's not like it's unthinkable.

ALSO - it would make an awesome square of Katherine/Nikki = Jill/Sharon. It's like the show has been leading to this! (If only it would notice). AND not only would it get Sharon a bit away from the Newman's it would push her back into the Winters' circle of orbit. Maybe Sharon and Neil could revive their friendship, and Sharon could become Lily's friend/mentor.

Sigh. It could be so awesome.
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I'm still not watching Y&R regularly but I do catch bits and pieces of it now and them. I happened to catch the press conference on Friday and then had to check out yesterday and today's episodes. I am honestly... boggled about what is going on with show.

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I have never been happier about a change in a show's PTB.
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I've been meaning to make a Y&R post since the end of July but then I - didn't. Sigh. So some thoughts that I wanted to write down largely based on what was happening back in July (and a bit of August).

1) Phyllis Situation

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2) Sharon

I... I have no idea where to even start with this.

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3) Adam/Chelsea

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Young and the Restless

So I'm still not watching this again but I do occasionally catch bits and pieces. What's happening currently on the show is really not making me want to start watching again. Especially considering Read more... )

The Big Bang Theory 5x19

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I am not back to watching The Young and the Restless but I can't help but catch bits of it here and there so I'm sort of up to date on what's been happening. And I've been having some feelings about it so a couple quick thoughts:

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