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4x21 'The Return'

+ I loved Ophelia. Everything with her was amazing - from her childlike wonder at all the new sensations and emotions she was feeling, to the expression on her face after she saved Mack, to her breakdown after being rejected by Fitz. I have to admit that despite everything wrong she's done, and she has done tons of horrible stuff, I feel a lot of sympathy for her. AIDA was a robot who was programmed. Ophelia meanwhile is like a child, new to being human, new to emotions. She has very little experience in understanding or controlling her feelings, and the power to act rashly because of them. Robbie's return makes me think her eventual fate is to be dragged off to whatever dark dimension Ghost Rider is from and that thought makes me a little sad. It feels like she never really had a chance. Plus the actress is amazing and I'd love for her to be around next season.

+ I enjoyed Fitz/Ophelia too.

+ I love that Ophelia gave herself ALL the powers.

+ Sad that both Agents Davis and Prince died. They were so great! I'd really grown to like them and they did their absolute best to protect everyone this episode. Couldn't Ophelia have killed more of Talbot's random soldiers instead? Seriously show, stop killing off all your background character. They add depth to the show.

+ I loved the dozens of Ivanov's running around and how completely unmoved he was by Ophelia killing one version of him.

+ Coulson's use of his shield to kill a Ivanov was great.

+ I like that their time in the Framework is as if they really had lived those lives and I hope next season deals with that more.

4x22 'World's End'

Good but not as great as the rest of the third arc has been.

+ I loved everything with Daisy/Robbie. How easily they fell back into working together, all the looks they exchanged especially that last one before he left, just how quietly pleased they were to see each other again. I really hope he returns next season.

+ Daisy's speech to Fitz at the end was excellent. Yay for her using her own experience with guilt and despair to convince him not to give in to his own and that they have his back because they're family.

+ The Mack/Hope/Yo-yo scene where Hope disappears was so sad. Both Mack and Yo-yo were breaking my heart. I'm really glad that the experience brought them together instead of breaking them up as I half expected.

+ Radcliffe's end was perfect. I like that he saved Yo-yo and Mack and got to complete his redemption. I love that his last scene was him sitting in his creation, toasting it goodbye and accepting his death. It felt like a very appropriate end for him. I loved that last shot of the glass falling into the sand and the silence.

+ Robbie and Daisy working as a team to kill Ivanov was great. I loved Coulson's disappointment that he missed it.

+ "Robot May was more supportive." LOL. May/Coulson had some nice moments.

+ I enjoyed May's confusion over everything that had happened since she was replaced.

+ Ghost Rider!Coulson was a nice little twist. So what dark future does Robbie feel sorry for him about? My first thought is that Coulson agreed to be Ghost Rider's next host but I don't think it entirely works. Something to do with have Coulson was brought back to life?

+ Sigh, yeah Ophelia died basically how I was expecting. Despite her attempt to torture Jemma to death and her plan to kill everyone I still felt a lot of sympathy for her.

+ I like Talbot well enough but I call bullshit on him surviving a bullet to the head. Unless he's a secret Inhuman.

+ I liked Daisy sending Radcliffe to Yo-yo via yo-yos.

+ I am so disappointed that we didn't see Trip (or Ward, even) again. It was awesome to see them but I wanted more! I'm also pouting a bit that Ophelia's human-making machine never got used again. Ghost Rider's hate hard-on for anything to do with the Darkhold including humans made from it is a good reason for why it wouldn't have worked but damn it I wanted Trip back!

+ I'm sad that the Framework was destroyed. I wish it had been left up and running.
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