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This was a great episode.

+ I loved Young-shin clocking to it being weird that two powerful men like Moon-shik and Moon-ho would take such an interest in her and putting it together with her first meeting with Jung-hoo and then demanding answers.

+ I also really loved her calling Moon-ho on his bullshit reasoning for not telling her the truth.

+ I really appreciated how Young-shin reacted to the truth. She was shocked but went back to the office with Moon-ho and calmly listened to what he had to say. She was angry but kept calm even as she insisted on distance (understandably.) She went home and cocooned herself and sorted through all her conflicting emotions. And then she moved on! In the very same episode and with minimal drama! It was fabulous.

+ I particularly loved her going after Jung-hoo. I admit I don't really understand the 'why' of her reaction to him but I do love that it was a temporary one and that she rushed after him to reassure him that she knew he had done nothing wrong and that she wanted him to return to her.

+ I super loved Jung-hoo/Young-shin's cafe goodbye where he takes note of her father watching and leaves without kissing her as he so clearly wanted to only to apparently say fuck it and immediately come back in to kiss her goodbye. ♥ So good. I loved him cupping her face in his hands.

+ Jung-hoo/Young-shin first scene after the truth came out was great. I loved the way he walked to her (tiredly relieved) and embraced her in his arms, and the way he cupped her head and gently petted her hair. I really like the way he picks up her silent signals and respects her space.

+ Jung-hoo defending Moon-ho as 'not that bad' was nice.

+ The scene where Young-shin returned to Moon-ho's office with coffee, a smile and forgiveness was wonderful. I loved them talking and laughing about her childhood.

+ I loved Jung-hoo talking with Young-shin on the phone while at the same time easily kicking the asses of the Elder's goons.

+ Myung-hee bugging Moon-shik's office was so great. I love her.

+ I am a little disappointed and ??? about why Young-shin didn't tell Jung-hoo she wanted to work with him to discover the truth. It's not even as if she's planning on staying out of it considering she tells him that she'll be looking too. So why not work together?

+ I don't really understand why Dong-chul (and his fellow cop) blamed Joon-seok for them being fired and possibly blacklisted. As I understand it they realised that the statement Joon-seok gave had been changed, did their job and reported it to their superiors and were fired. That has nothing to do with Joon-seok! It ended up feeling a little contrived for me. But then I guess people blame the victims all the time and maybe Joon-seok felt like an easier target for their anger and bitterness? He also seemed really naive which felt off but I guess desperation and him needing to believe.

+ While the set up of Jung-hoo was well done (with corrupt police the lack of fingerprints should be easy to handle) I really don't see how this is complying with Moon-shik's directive that the recorded statement was the most important thing. Grabbing Dong-chul and then threatening/bribing it out of him would have been the obvious choice (and easily done). Killing him without getting the tape leaves open two possibilities - Dong-chul had an in-case of death safeguard or Dong-chul gave it to Jung-hoo/told him where it is, and in either case they are screwed. Even if neither of those happened that tape would still be out there waiting to come out at any time. They don't know! They had one job and screwed it up massively. Moon-shik needs better minions.
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