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The Eater of Light

I liked it.

+ The fact that the Doctor and Bill apparently got into an argument over the Ninth legion and decided to find out which of them was correct right then was a touch I loved. I'm surprised situations like that don't happen more often.

+ I loved the whole bit with Bill learning that the TARDIS translates languages. I am a little surprised that she's been travelling with the Doctor this long without it coming up before but her reaction was very fun and I loved watching her reason it out. Also the Roman's "That's Latin. You just said that in Latin." made me laugh.

And I loved them bringing it back during the confrontation between the Romans and the Picts, and Bill's realisation about how important it is that because of the TARDIS they can all understand each other. I adored the Doctor's proud smile

+ Nardole continues to be winning. Things I enjoyed: him starting the episode wearing a bright orange housecoat amused me, him being distracted by the Doctor being a second-class Vestal Virgin (because that was the important bit), him trying to ingratiate himself with their Pict kidnappers and then later him having become a part of the clan and telling stories after only two days.

"Complete and totally absence of any sunlight." - Doctor
"Huh. Death by Scotland." - Nardole

LMAO. The Doctor's expression was so great.

Oh and this exchange was also excellent:

"I'm against charm." - Doctor
"Yeah, we all know that." - Nardole

LOL. The Doctor and Nardole's comedy act was so great. I have seriously grown to love them. Nardole threatening that he knows 10% of the Doctor's secrets and where the teacakes are as a ward against the Doctor holding a grudge was wonderful and perfect.

+ "Do you know what that sound was? That was the sound of my patience shattering into a billion little pieces." HEE.

+ I loved the Doctor and Bill's little catch up, completely ignoring the standoff brewing behind them. Oh, and Nardole in the background eating popcorn, heh.

+ I liked the reoccurring bit with the talking crows.

+ I liked the end with Kar and the Ninth Legions brave sacrifice to hold the gate. Also how these were the cowards of the legion).

+ The Doctor was weirdly gung-ho about sacrificing himself to guard this one gate.

+ The final scene was wonderful. Nardole being all upset ("Don't make me go squeeky-voiced", lol), Missy's little 'life up your dropped jaw' gesture at Bill, Nardole's grumpiness at being graded on their adventure by Missy.

+ I love what the show is doing with the Doctor and Master. Their ease and casualness was great to see. Like the Doctor I want to have hope that it's real and she's not just playing a game but it's the Master. So despite the teary-eyes and the expression on her face when he took her hands, and after he left I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I do love that he's having a hard time resisting the hope that he could have their friendship back. I think they're in for some serious heartbreak either way but I'm hoping Missy is being sincere right at this moment in time (even if it ends in inevitable betrayal.)

+ I am very curious about where this theme of 'enemies forced to work together' that's been running through this season is leading to. It seems obvious with the Doctor and Master's new detente that we're going to have them working together against something. Perhaps her previous incarnation?
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