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Bones 6x23 ‘The Change in the Game

disappointment and frustration )

Chuck 4x24 ‘Chuck vs The Cliffhanger’

much happier )
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Fringe 3x20 '6:02 AM EST'

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Bones 6x19 ‘The Finder'

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White Collar 2x13 'Countermeasures'

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Fairly Legal 1x04 ‘Bo Me Once’

This was my favourite episode thus far. Both Kate and Lauren were fabulous.

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Bones 6x13 ‘The Daredevil in the Mold’

I’m not really sure what I feel about this episode. There were things I liked but Booth and his reactions weren’t one of them.

not very positive )
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Koshonin 1x01

• I found this first episode difficult to get through because of my embarrassment squick. spoilers )

White Collar 2x12 ‘What Happens In Burma’

two thoughts )

Chuck 4x13 ‘Chuck Versus the Push Mix’

two thoughts )

Bones 6x12 ‘The Sin in the Sisterhood’

meh )
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The Body in the Bag

all happiness inside )
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The Doctor in the Photo

I found this to be a difficult episode to watch. It kept hitting my embarrassment squick over and over. I kept having to fast-forward through scenes and thus missed quite a bit. It was not fun for me Read more... ) That said this was an interesting look at Brennan and an unusual and unexpected way to play the Brennan/Booth UST relationship. I was not expecting this turn.

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So Scalzi wrote a post here about a scheme that James Frey has going on. It’s what Scalzi calls a ‘book packaging scheme’ and sounds like it should be illegal but isn’t. You just have to an absolute asshole to do it. Reading the short summary of the contract left me a bit incredulous at his gall. It’s a seriously ridiculous contract!

I mean it includes things like –

“The writer would not have approval over his or her publicity, pictures, or biographical materials.” and

“Full Fathom Five could use the writer’s name or a pseudonym without his or her permission, even if the writer was no longer involved with the series, and the company could substitute the writer’s full name for a pseudonym at any point in the future.” (!) and

“The writer would be financially responsible for any legal action brought against the book but would not own its copyright.” (!!)

I mean what the freaking hell? Who would sign that? If someone put a contract that read like that in front of me I would walk out. But apparently people are signing it. ... Why?! I don’t understand.

Anyway... the post is pretty much entirely gender neutral, I’m kind of impressed actually, except for this excerpt: “sets up a writer to be dependent on others because she is ignorant of the particulars of her own business. You know how every year you hear about an actor or musician who has been screwed by his accountant or business manager?” I read this and it just really bothered me. I actually had to stop reading the entry and think about it because it was bothering me so much. What it is, is that in a post with no other gendered language like this, we have ‘she’ being ignorant of her own business and ‘his’ manager screwing him over. The woman is the one being ignorant and there’s this undercurrent that it’s her fault, or at least it’s more her fault than the man who was ‘screwed over’ by others with no implied fault on his part. I don’t think this was the intent of Scalzi or the post at all but it came off very problematic to me. I think most people would think I’m being too picky here and it’s silly, and I kind of feel that way myself, and yet still... it bothers me. It’s so subtle and that kind of makes it worse.

I watched the trailer for the new superhero series The Cape (which is up here) and it looks interesting enough that I’ll probably check out the pilot. But at the same time my main reaction is ‘sigh’. TPTB of this show apparently thought about it and decided that what the superhero genre needed was – another white guy fighting crime. Because that’s certainly something we haven’t seen enough of. Summer Glau is in the show, a definite plus towards watching, but is apparently the Cape’s tech support girl. It seems like kind of a waste to have Summer Glau in a non-kicking ass role. You know what would make this all a lot more enjoyable for me? If Summer Glau was the hero or at least was his partner – she grew up in the circus, perhaps is a trapeze artist, maybe she throws knives – and then there could be another female character who was their tech support. From the video it appears that Summer’s character meets The Cape by getting into a fight with him so maybe she’ll be tech support who occasionally kicks ass? That would be nice. On the positive side the wife and son weren’t killed off to give superhero angst so that was nice and we have a Martin Klebba (Verne Troyer) kicking ass. One of the last lines of the trailer pretty much encapsulates my main issue with this show: “I have to show my son that one man can still make a difference.” Yeeeahhh. Changing just one word there – man to person – would have made such a huge difference.

Hellcats 1x09 ‘Finish What We Started’

This episode really hit my embarrassment squick, more than any other episode thus far. Read more... )

Bones 6x06 ‘The Shallow in the Deep’

There was a lot I liked and overall I found it very enjoyable.

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I read a casting spoiler for Bones and Read more... )

I watched two ‘unreleased’ (or deleted?) scenes from season five of Doctor Who. Both of them were awesome.

The first was set between 2x01 and 2x02 and involved Read more... )

The second was set between 2x05 and 2x06 and involved Read more... )

Nikita 1x08 was one of the best episodes yet. I really enjoyed it. very short )

I was reading some TVD thoughts on the latest episode in various new places and kept coming across opinions that made me go WTF. I usually stick to a couple places and I'm thinking now I should just keep doing that. Some of the stuff I came across included:

spoilers for episode 2x08 )

Bones 6x05 ‘The Bones That Weren’t’

This was a very enjoyable episode.

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South America 12/12 (4:24).
North America 23/23.
Europe 47/47.
Africa 53/53 (Yay!).
Asia 48/48.
Oceania 11/14 – I missed Tonga (again), Tuvalu and Vanuatu.
World 186/195 – This map is actually kind of useless because names become so much and so big that it completely obscures the map and it’s really hard to see what I’ve missed. Some I miss because my mind blanks but most I miss because I can’t see anything but a sea of names all over the place.

Bones 6x04 ‘The Body and the Bounty’: I enjoyed this episode much more then the last one. In fact it’s my favourite of the season. It just felt like the Bones I love. The characters and character interactions worked better. very short )

Fringe 3x04 ‘Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?’

I enjoyed this episode but I found it a lot less satisfying than the previous one. I’m having a hard time with Red Olivia actually fooling everyone into believing that she’s Blue Olivia and I think that’s making the Blue universe stories less interesting for me. The longer it drags out the more issues I’m having with it.

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Hellcats 1x04 ‘Nobody Loves Me But My Mother’

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Bones 6x02 ‘The Couple in the Cave

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Nikita 1x04 ‘Rough Trade’

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The Mastodon in the Room

A pretty good episode overall and I’m glad to have the show back.

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The Beginning of the End

I actually did, mostly, enjoy this episode. This is a huge relief because I was really not impressed by the previous two episodes and I found myself worried about my continued love for this show. I don’t want to stop being excited to see a new episode.

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I watched episodes 5x20 and 5x21 of Bones and I have to say I wasn’t actually really impressed with either of them. They felt... off.

• Hodgins/Angela at the jail was the best part of 5x20 and I think I’m just going to blank out everything said about witches and wiccans.

• 5x21 had some good parts and the character interactions were good but it also wasn’t very impressive to me. There were just a bunch of things that did not make sense to me.

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Bones 5x18 ‘The Predator in the Pool’

I was a little off put in the previous episode when they dealt with what happened in 5x16 by – not dealing with it. This episode gave us a lot of that awkwardness that I was expecting. It makes me wonder if there was some disorder in the episode order.

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The Big Bang Theory 3x20 ‘The Spaghetti Catalyst’

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