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I watched NCIS 10x01 and was less than impressed. Actually I was bored. And Gibbs Read more... ) Also I found I didn't really care about any of the characters? I liked Read more... ) But mostly I was just really unmoved and I don't know what happened to my love for these characters.

The Big Bang Theory 6x02 was excellent. It was really fun and funny. Minus the Howard scenes, which I mostly skipped, everything worked wonderfully. Read more... )

Project Runway 10x10

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• I've never seen the Kathy Bates legal drama Harry's Law, though at one point I planned to, but I'd always thought it didn't do very well in the ratings and so I wasn't surprised by it's cancellation. However according to this list of cancelled show Harry's Law was actually NBC highest rated show at 7.8 million viewers. WTH? As the highest rated show you'd think it'd be their centerpiece show but then you learn that it's audience skews old (and I bet more women than men though I don't have confirmation) and as everyone knows only men 18-49 matter. Even for the highest rated show on a network. *is bitter* This annoys me so much.

• I've been watching Shonda Rhimes new show Scandal. Not bad. It definitely grew on me the more I watched though there isn't really any one character or paring that I love or want to watch the show for. Still I will probably watch the second season.

mainly positive, big spoilers for the entire season )

NCIS 9x24: Honestly I was mostly meh about it. The actually story of the episode wasn't really that interesting. I mainly spent my time worrying about Read more... )
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It's January 13th and I am still putting water out for the birds. That is just - wrong. Plus there is almost no snow in my yard. I'm not particularly fond of really cold weather, and I'm sure I'll be complaining when it starts, but I find this all disturbing and I'm ready for winter to start any time now.

Vampire Diaries thought:

slight spoilers for 3x10 - an idea I had about witches and Damon )

NCIS 9x13 'A Desperate Man'

I didn’t like it at all.

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Safe Harbor

I really enjoyed this.

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I don't often read spoilers anymore but I ended up accidentally reading a Fringe casting spoiler that made me pretty happy. happy, happy )

Overall I was not very impressed with True Blood last season and I actually had no intention of watching season four. Then I watched the trailer for it (this one) and then a couple other ones and now I'm actually kind of excited about it.spoilers for trailers )

I read Princess Academy by Shannon Hale and thought it was wonderful. I found myself wishing I could have read it back when I was a pre-teen. short, slightly spoilery )I will definitely check out more of her books.

NCIS 8x24 ‘Pyramid’

meh )
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There is a post here at io9 by Charlie Jane Anders about a genre mashup she'd like to see which she calls 'the Evil Overlord Romance'.

It’s kind of tongue in cheek and I actually can’t tell just how serious she’s being but at the end she says: "Admit it: You want to read a whole Evil Overlord Romance novel now. And my answer is pretty much: hell, yes. I’ve never thought of it as ‘evil overlord romance’ but that is a trope I love. I would be ecstatic if it actually became the new big thing in books. I would read all those books. I would love for this to become a real genre option.

A lot of my fannish pairings would fit under this genre and even more if you look at them in a slightly AU way. This includes Sarah/Jareth (who were pictured in the article), Clark/Lex, Xavier/Magneto, Ares/Xena (or ubber Xena/Gabrielle), Doctor/Master, Carolyn/Riddick, Ba’al/anyone, Elena with pre-show Damon or with Katherine/Elijah/Klaus, BOSS’s Eriko/Nodate seemed set to fit this genre at the end of season one... I would be all over a story where say Lucy Diamond actually did live up to her press and seeing how her relationship with Amy progresses with that true.

“Unless you're going to make Wendy herself into the superhero/world-saver who accidentally falls in love with her arch-nemesis, in which case go for it. But having some other hero besides Wendy just takes away from the all-important focus on Wendy as our protagonist and the light to the Overlord's darkness.” This was a quote from the article that I particularly loved. Why does there have to be a third person, another male character to be the ‘hero’ and oppose the overlord? Why the hell can’t the heroine be that too? Heroes falling in love with their arch-nemesis, especially if there is a more complicated past relationship happening between them, is something I eat up with a spoon. We need more female heroes who don’t have to share the spotlight with a male hero. Actually we need more female Overlords and awesome bad guys as well. And just once I would love nothing more if both main characters in a sci-fi/fantasy/action flick could both be female. I’m dreaming I know but it’s such a nice dream.

Chuck 4x23 ‘Chuck Versus the Last Details’

Read more... )

NCIS 8x23 ‘Swan Song’

Read more... )

Doctor Who 6x03 ‘The Curse of the Black Spot’

That was okay. I didn’t dislike it but I don’t think I'll have any urge to watch it again either.

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The Big Bang Theory 4x20 ‘The Herb Garden Germination’

annoyed mainly )

NCIS 8x20 ‘Two-Faced’

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I watched Fairly Legal 1x01 and enjoyed it. I’ll keep watching. I am most intrigued by Read more... )

White Collar 2x11 ‘Forging Bonds’

eh )

NCIS 8x11 ‘Ships in the Night’

very enjoyable episode )
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8x07 ‘Enemies Foreign’ & 8x08 ‘Enemies Within’

I quite enjoyed these episodes.

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Huge was cancelled. It’s sad. I didn’t love it like some other cancelled shows (*sniff* Terminator still hurts) but it was a great show that I really enjoyed. It had a lot of depth and dealt with the issue of weight, along with other issues like sexuality and growing up, in a really mature and accepting way that seems really rare. It felt like a very unique and honest look at being a teenager and issues that everyone faces and I’m sad it’s gone.

NCIS 8x03 ‘Short Fuse’

Read more... )

Nikita 1x05 ‘The Guardian’

Read more... )
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The Greatest

I really enjoyed it. The acting was good and it was a really nice, if sad, movie. It made me cry.

a couple thoughts )

NCIS 8x02 ‘Worst Nightmare'

a couple things that I didn’t like )

All that said I actually quite liked this episode and thought it was better than the premiere. Read more... )
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NCIS 8x01 'Spider and the Fly'

This was an okay premiere but overall I was left feeling meh and there were a lot of things that didn’t work for me.

Read more... )

Glee 2x01 'Audition

This was very eh for me. Overall I found the episode very embarrassing. I'm kind of over this show. I think next week is going to have to really improve or I might end up just not watching.

a couple thoughts )

Undercovers 1x01 'Pilot': I liked it, though I didn’t love it like I was half expecting to. a couple thoughts )

No Ordinary Family 1x01 ‘Pilot’

I wasn’t bad. There were definitely things that annoyed me, some seriously, and I wasn’t completely engaged but I did enjoy it for the most part. I might watch more.

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NCIS 7x24 ‘Rule Fifty-One’

Read more... )

Doctor Who 5x06 ‘The Vampires of Venice’

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7x20 ‘Moonlighting’

I really enjoyed this episode! It was funny and the characters were all wonderful as were their interactions.

Things I loved include:

Read more... )

7x21 ‘Obsession’

This was... weird and aptly named.

Read more... )

7x22 ‘Borderland’

This one was great and I liked it much better than 7x21.

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