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The Big Bang Theory 5x12 'The Shiny Trinket Maneuver'

After a bunch of meh episodes it was great to be back to enjoying this show.

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White Collar 3x11 'Checkmate'

I liked it. A couple thoughts within )
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White Collar 3x10 'Countdown'

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The Nine Lives of Chloe King 1x10 ‘Beautiful Day’

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3x07 ‘Taking Account’

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3x08 'As You Were'

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3x09 'On the Fence'

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I watched White Collar 3x05 and 3x06 and enjoyed them both.

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I finished Treason’s Shore, the final book in the Inda series, and really enjoyed it. That was an excellent series.

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A couple short thoughts on some things:

White Collar 3x03 'Deadline' - I loved this episode. Read more... )

White Collar 3x04 'Dentist of Detroit' - A good episode. Read more... )

King’s Shield by Sherwood Smith

I enjoyed this book a lot.

spoilers )
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On Guard

enjoyable but with a couple of big issues )
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Under the Radar

I really enjoyed this episode. It was fun to watch and I was pretty pleased that for once we actually got a Bechdel passing episode.

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Koshonin Season 1

I finished the first season and enjoyed it overall. I really did not think I would finish it because that first episode was just so hard for me to get through. I kept procrastinating on watching episode two but a number of people loved the series so much that I didn’t want to just drop it. I decided to give it the second episode, and the conclusion of the episode 1 plot line, to see if I could keep watching. Luckily, I found that episode much easier to get through and subsequently the rest of the episodes as well. While I wouldn’t list it as a favourite series I did enjoy it enough that I’m going to watch the second season.

spoilers for season one )

Chuck 4x17 ‘Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil’

I really enjoyed the episode. Read more... )

White Collar 2x15 'Power Play'

This was a fun episode. Read more... )
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White Collar 2x13 'Countermeasures'

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Fairly Legal 1x04 ‘Bo Me Once’

This was my favourite episode thus far. Both Kate and Lauren were fabulous.

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Bones 6x13 ‘The Daredevil in the Mold’

I’m not really sure what I feel about this episode. There were things I liked but Booth and his reactions weren’t one of them.

not very positive )
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Koshonin 1x01

• I found this first episode difficult to get through because of my embarrassment squick. spoilers )

White Collar 2x12 ‘What Happens In Burma’

two thoughts )

Chuck 4x13 ‘Chuck Versus the Push Mix’

two thoughts )

Bones 6x12 ‘The Sin in the Sisterhood’

meh )
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I watched Fairly Legal 1x01 and enjoyed it. I’ll keep watching. I am most intrigued by Read more... )

White Collar 2x11 ‘Forging Bonds’

eh )

NCIS 8x11 ‘Ships in the Night’

very enjoyable episode )
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Being Human 3x01 'Lia'

I enjoyed it )

White Collar 2x10 ‘Burke’s Seven’

this was a really fun episode )

Castle 3x13 ‘Knockdown’

an excellent episode )
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True Blood 3x11 ‘Fresh Blood’

I didn’t really like this episode. In fact I fast-forwarded through much of it. The end of the episode was good but it wasn’t enough to save the episode; beyond that there wasn’t much of anything I liked.

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White Collar 2x09 ‘Point Blank’

This was a really good episode, very tense and with some excellent character stuff.

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White Collar 2x05 ‘Unfinished Business’: I loved this episode. It was my favourite of the season. a short list of likes )

• There’s this ridiculous dating show on GSN who’s name I don’t know, though I have seen it before, in which the main person is given several options to date, each of them with their own ‘baggage’. As their ‘baggage’ is revealed the options are narrowed down until the main person picks one of them. Then it’s turned around and the main person’s baggage is revealed and the person they chose has to in turn choose them. I caught the end of an episode as I making something to eat. After she picked a guy the woman’s ‘baggage’ was revealed to be either a) ‘she faked a serious illness to get money from an ex’, b) ‘worked as a stripper’, or c) her father is a woman. When asked before the reveal which he would have the most trouble with he responded 'a' which was the one that bothered me too.

The answer was c) and I loved how it all played out from that point. The woman stated that her father, Alexis, was transgender and a very important part of her life. So important that they talk every day, they’re best friends, and she could never date someone who couldn’t accept her dad. What I loved was that she called her dad both ‘her’ when she talked and ‘my father’. And then she brought her out and introduced her and he accepted her baggage (though he stated his family was conservative). I just loved the... normalisation of Alexis’s transgender status by her daughter.

Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire

I finished the first book in the October Daye series and I enjoyed it.

I did have a couple issues.

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White Collar 2x01 'Withdrawal'

Yay, I’m so glad the show is back.

a couple short thoughts )

True Blood 3x03 ‘It Hurts Me Too’

Overall it was mainly meh.

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