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'Hurt Me, Hurt You'

+ I really loved everything with Joan this episode. I loved how driven she was to make sure Tyus didn't get away with his crimes. I loved her figuring out how to catch him for Carmen's murder at the last minute. Joan's had brushes with her own darkness before but it's never really gone anywhere. That makes me wonder if her making a deal with Halcon is going to lead somewhere this time. I don't actually disagree with her choice but I hope this goes somewhere interesting.

+ Tyus put the blame for Shinwell's death on Joan, and she felt it even if it wasn't her fault, and meanwhile Sherlock has slowly and quietly been falling apart without her noticing. As a doctor, and as his friend, her missing that there was something medically wrong with him is going gut her. It's going to add yet another thing to feel guilty for. Poor Joan.

+ Tyus plan was actually pretty clever.

+ Ah, a hallucination of Sherlock's mother. I figured that was the most likely option though I didn't see her being his mother coming. I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't Moriarty related even though I knew that was unlikely.

+ That shot of Sherlock coming up behind Joan as she stoically watched Carmen's video over and over on Sherlock's bank of TVs, sitting in his chair, doing his thing, was so great. I loved how she didn't look at him once as she questioned his absence.

+ Joan has been wearing some really great suits in these last couple episodes. She's looked great.

+ Sigh, and in the end Shinwell's entire purpose was... to motivate Joan, to push her to take a darker path, to create a distance between her and Sherlock so she didn't notice he was sick, to give her a regret and guilt, and/or all of the above?


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