Feb. 28th, 2016 11:44 pm
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Captain America: Civil War – 8 Major Reveals From The New Images I was already looking forward to this movie but this has me even more excited. I like that test audiences were split coming out of the film. It makes me more hopeful about Tony's portrayal. I'm intrigued about what it has to say about Steve/Bucky. But most important of all: Pepper's back!!! ♥♥♥ I really wasn't expecting it especially after she wasn't in Age of Ultron and had kind of resigned myself to maybe never seeing Pepper onscreen again. This makes me so unbelievably happy. It'll probably be just a little cameo but as long as they don't kill her off I don't care. What I'd really love is if Pepper is forced to use Extremis to save herself when the Big Bad attacks her as a easy target thus revealling that Tony stabilized Extremis in her not removed it. Or if suddenly a new armor appears in the middle of a battle to save Tony/someone and it's revealed to be Pepper as Rescue! Neither of them are likely to happen but I'm still super excited.

Modern Solo Adventures LOL. These are hilarious.

Star Wars Force Awakens ALL Easter Eggs & References Some neat points.

Ewan McGregor Plays With Light Sabres - The Graham Norton Show

Princess Leia: The Most Important Character Ever

Man's new best friend? A forgotten Russian experiment in fox domestication I am 100% behind domesticating foxes. I want a fox.

Otters Have Helped Bangladesh Fishermen Catch Fish For Centuries. Also an otter.

Interview With Lek Chailert: The Elephant Whisperer of Elephant Nature Park

Derby the dog gets better 3D-printed paw prosthetics

This Photographer Was Taking Pictures of Meerkats, But He Got More than He Expected.

Video - Toucan Likes Cuddles

Video - When Baby Otters Attack: One Woman's Harrowing Story If only I could have that problem.

Video - CNN Distraction: Family of ducks tries to cross highway Even knowing that no ducks die in this video it was still one of the tensest minutes of my life.

Video - Remove cat before flight Poor kitty. She was so lucky. The guy’s reaction when he saw her was hilarious.

Video - Sleeping baby polar bear Aww.


Jul. 9th, 2015 11:27 pm
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Relax, Let's Go Through A Car Wash A meditative video experiment in an unlikely location.

Inside Amy Schumer - Girl, You Don't Need Makeup LOL. It’s all the best part but "Girl, I can't be seen with the ghost from the ring." and "But what's on you is hopefully more make-up".

Hawkeye Sings About His Super Powers (Ed Sheeran "Thinking Out Loud" Parody) ”I promise I can do so much more than just archery. I’m serious guys.” LOL.

Jessica Chastain: The Musical. Heeee.

Emily Carroll Art & Comics. Really good horror comics.

minus I love this comic.

Polygon Map Generator Demo

Pantheon Mapping Historical Cultural Production. Neat.

How Snobbery Helped Take The Spice Out Of European Cooking

A Canadian City Once Eliminated Poverty And Nearly Everyone Forgot About It Between 1974 and 1979, residents of a small Manitoba city were selected to be subjects in a project that ensured basic annual incomes for everyone. For five years, monthly cheques were delivered to the poorest residents of Dauphin, Man. – no strings attached. And for five years, poverty was completely eliminated. The program was dubbed “Mincome” – a neologism of “minimum income”.

Organovo Describes First Fully Cellular 3D Bioprinted Kidney Tissue

Three Feminist Geniuses Just Invented a Pair of Panties That Could Change the World Twin sisters Radha and Miki Agrawal and friend Antonia Dunbar designed the self-absorbing THINX underwear, which eliminates the need for tampons or pads.

The Truth About Moss Moss is probably the best known natural navigation indicator in the world. It is also excellent at demonstrating how easy it is to go wrong if you take unnecessary shortcuts.

The Kerr Black Hole

Unbelievably Cute Mammal With Teddy Bear Face Rediscovered

Galapagos Islands: Volcano eruption threatens world's only population of pink iguanas


May. 6th, 2015 11:36 pm
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Akimbo Comics - #233 Lovely little comic, beautiful concept.

Your Dog Does Actually Love You There’s been little scientific evidence that the affection we feel for dogs is mutual. Until now, that is.

The Dog Mom’s Brain On an intellectual level I understand that having a dog is not the same as having a human child. Still, what I feel for him has got to be something like maternal attachment. And a new brain-imaging study backs me up on this.

Astronauts find living organisms clinging to the International Space Station, and aren’t sure how they got there

Sphere Creatures Could Be Among World's Earliest Animals

Dozens of dinosaur eggs discovered by construction workers in Chinese city

Endangered bird hatches from egg held together with glue, tape

Pseudoscience in the Witness Box The FBI faked an entire field of forensic science.

You can't see it, or figure out its shape: Is this the real new black?

Turns out there are a number of different options for how to disperse your cremated remains (18 Photos)

15+ Of The World’s Most Magical Streets Shaded By Flowers And Trees


Dec. 29th, 2014 11:41 pm
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In Conversation: Chris Rock Very interesting interview.

“Everything is problematic” My journey into the centre of a dark political world, and how I escaped.

Deleted Scene of Nebula and Gamora Why did they delete this?!

Harry Potter (Scott Pilgrim Style!) I want to watch this version. Really well made.

Want You Gone - Portal 2 Fanmade Video

Chronologically LOST What if you could watch LOST in chronological order? From the earliest days of the island, all the way through 2007. Welcome to Chronologically LOST, which allows you to do just that.

Hullabaloo Steampunk animated film Hullabaloo is a 2D (hand-drawn) animated steampunk film that hopes to help preserve the dying art of 2D animation. The film's two protagonists are both young women and both scientists who use their intellect, wits, and courage to fight greed and corruption. Sounds really interesting.

The Ridge a new film from Danny Macaskill Wow. Beautiful but never something I could do.

The Best Joke Ever! LOL.

Brain Scans Reveal What Dogs Really Think Of Us

The Dog Index: What man’s best friend tells us about global economic development Dog ownership, like cocaine use, can be seen as an economic indicator.

Kinematics Dress by Nervous System - 3D Printed by Shapeways Nervous System has created the first dress with Kinematics, their unique 4D printing system that creates complex, foldable forms composed of articulated modules. Man, technology now. The dress is pretty.

Tempory Floral Tattoos Made From Real Flowers

Serenity in Chains Chainmail jewellery, home décor and more.

All The Comments on Every Recipe Blog LOL

What Should I Read Next? Book Recommendations From Readers Like You

32 Amazingly Useful Websites Every Woman Needs To Bookmark

19 Amazing Underwater Discoveries

A Secret Ballroom Lies Under A Lake With A Giant Statue Of Neptune Guarding It

How Marine Salvage Master Nick Sloane Refloated Costa Concordia With roughly 100,000 large merchant ships in the water at any time, scores sink, burn, break apart, run aground, or explode each year—often with toxic consequences. It is Captain Nick Sloane's job to board troubled vessels and salvage what he can.

Superbugs to kill 'more than cancer' by 2050

Net is 'less free and more unequal', says web founder

Memo To ISIS: A Successful Caliphate In Six Simple Steps The extremists who have taken over parts of Iraq and Syria say they want to restore the caliphate — but they really don’t get what that means. Here’s how, from Caliphornian wine to cultural melting pots. Interesting.


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