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I started watching Attack on Titan and then I couldn't stop. It's so good! I haven't been this immediately drawn into an anime in a long time. I've just been zooming through the series over the last couple days.

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I finished the anime and I enjoyed it. It makes me want to immediately start reading the manga.

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Episode 12

a couple notes )

Episode 13

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Episode 14

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Episodes 8 - 11

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Covert Affairs 2x02 ‘Good Advices’

This was a much better episode than 2x01. I really enjoyed it. But then it brought back my favourite one off character from last season Read more... )

I've been watching the Claymore anime and enjoying it.

episodes 1 to 7 )
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Episodes 11 & 12

I watched to final two episodes and really enjoyed them.

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I just spent far too much time watching Meredith/Cristina scenes on You Tube. It reminded me just how much I love them and made me want to catch up on the show. I really don’t know why they weren’t a bigger ship in the fandom because they are so amazing.

* This scene from 3x17 still makes me teary-eyed when I watch it. It was perfect. “Thank you for not dying.” Oh, Cristina.

* A scene from 1x03 at the start of their friendship here

* This classic moment from 2x01 - she's her person!

* Meredith defending Cristina to the others in 3x10 here. "You're my sister. You're my family. You're all I've got"

* Future elderly Meredith and Cristina from 5x01 here This scene always makes me smile. This is always going to be my canon for their far future.

* This video is all the Derek/Meredith scenes in 5x07 except really it's all about how Meredith and Cristina "come as a set". I loved the girls laughing at him at the end.

* The beginning of this clip from 5x08 has my favourite Derek/Cristina scene ever. After Sadie forces Cristina out of Meredith's bed she joins Derek in the kitchen and complains about it. "Welcome to my world" LMAO. I love how this show puts Meredith/Cristina on the exact same footing as Meredith/Derek. Why are they not more popular?!

Their entire relationship is a series of wonderful friendship moments. I'm just going to stop now even though there are so many others I could mention. I ♥ Meredith/Cristina so much.

I watched some Sailor Moon clips as well including this scene from the end of the R movie which amused me. Ami’s memory is about how Usagi drags her into having fun and Makoto’s is about how Usagi wasn’t afraid of her when they first met. Meanwhile both Rei and Minako’s memories are about Usagi admiring them. LOL.

I also watched the dub version of that scene which I hadn't seen before and it was... really bad. Just - wow.

I watched the first four episodes of Noir and am mainly neutral about it. I found myself drifting constantly during the third episode (which was actually the second episode because there was a mess up in the links). I did find the fourth episode more interesting. I really wanted to like this series – two female assassins looking for the truth, a conspiracy, apparently very femslashy – but I’m not getting into it as quickly as I thought I would. I don’t dislike it but I’m not very engaged nor do I love either of the girls at this point. High School of the Dead had a number of issues, and the fan service makes me roll my eyes reflectively whenever I think about it, but I was involved and interested from the very first episode. I'll give it a couple of more episodes.

I love the Fashion It So tumblr (here) It makes me so nostalgic. Sometimes I come across episodes that I either missed or have completely forgotten about like...

Star Trek: TNG 4x23 ‘The Host’

In it Beverly falls in love with a negotiator only to discover when he’s injured that he’s a Trill. I liked the episode well enough and it left me wanting to read some Beverly/Odan futurefic but there were two things about it that really bothered me.

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More episode thoughts, all short.

Episode 17

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Episode 18

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Episode 20

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Episode 21

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Episode 23

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Episode 25

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I started watching the Wallflower anime again because I wanted to finish it this month so I could watch the live action and so I could move on to another anime. I’m still in the process of watching Saiunkoku Monogatari which appears to have stalled (I like it but mostly I’m finding myself going ‘whatever’ when thinking about it) and I don’t want to be watching more than two anime at a time if I can help it. That seems like a recipe to not finish any anime knowing me.

Anyway I finally finished it and I enjoyed it. In fact when it ended I wished there was more.

The style was certainly very... distinct (with Sunako spending most her time looking like a child, the moments of characters turning into outlines, etc) but it really grew on me. There were times I really wished it had a more 'normal' style, especially in emotional moments, but overall I liked it.

I also really like the characters – I loved Sunako, Noi and Kyouhei, plus I loved how they all became this made-family (which I love in fiction) – and so because of that what issues the show did have bothered me less.

a couple general series thoughts both positive and negative )

A couple thoughts on an individual episode basis from the latter half of the season:

Episode 11

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Episode 13

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Episode 15

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Episode 16

This was a pretty fun episode. Read more... )
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Episode 9 ‘The Sword and the Dead’

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Episode 10 ‘The Dead’s House Rules’

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Episode 11 ‘Dead Storm Rising’

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Episode 1 ‘Spring of the Dead’

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Episode 2 ‘Escape From the Dead’

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Episode 4 ‘Running in the Dead’

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Episode 5 ‘Streets of the Dead’

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Episode 6 ‘In the Dead of the Night’

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Episode 7 ‘Dead Night and the Dead Ruck’

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This series has a number of positive and negative aspects as well as things that irritated me or left me meh but overall I really enjoyed it. It was fun and I liked the characters.

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I don’t really ship any pairing strongly but I do like or am very intrigued by:

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I really enjoyed this series. It’s too bad there aren’t more episodes. (But then it was the fact that the series was so short that made me decide to try it in the first place.) I would recommend this series.

It was very sweet and, oh so, femslashy. I mean really, really slashy. I love it. I love how the show is pretty much all about the many girls and their relationships with each other. I was surprised that boys were pretty much a non-existent topic among the girls.

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I love this series. ♥ It is so well done, and completely adorable and full of wonderful characters and relationships. I wasn’t planning on it but I ended up watching the whole series over the last two days. I couldn’t stop watching! Definitely a series I would highly recommend.

Act 1&2 ‘Ahiru and the Prince/Pieces of the Heart’Read more... )

Act 3&4 ‘A Princess’s Oath/Giselle’Read more... )

Act 5 ‘On the Eve of the Fire Festival’Read more... )

Act 6 ‘Aurora Dreaming’Read more... )

Act 7 ‘Raven Princess’:Read more... )

Act 8 ‘The Fountain of Warriors’Read more... )

Act 9 ‘Black Shoes’: Read more... )

Act 10 ‘Cinderella’: Read more... )

Act 12 ‘Banquet of Darkness’: Read more... )

Oh, for pete’s sake... for the first couple episodes the opening prologue telling the story was the same so I just assumed it was always the same and stopped watching it. Only, it’s not. The story does change, or perhaps just expands to tell more of it.

Act 13 ‘Swan Lake’:Read more... )

Act 14 ‘Monster Raven’:Read more... )

Act 15 ‘Coppelia’Read more... )

Act 16 ‘Prayers of a Maiden’Read more... )

Act 18 ‘Wandering Knight’Read more... )

Act 19 ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’:Read more... )

Act 20 ‘A Forgotten Story’Read more... )

Act 21 ‘Spinners’Read more... )

Act 24 ‘The Prince and the Raven’ Read more... )

Act 25 ‘The Dying Swan’Read more... )


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