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Episode 15

+ Jung-hoo and Young-shin were super adorable this episode. Cuddling and having fun in bed and Jung-hoo being all clingy affectionate and unable to keep his hands off Young-shin were very cute. I really liked him re-introducing himself to her this time with his real name and real self and how that scene played out.

+ I loved Young-shin's cleverness at getting Jung-hoo access to Dong-won's computer. That was such quick-thinking on her part and I was impressed. She's a natural and clearly Jung-hoo should have brought her in on his shenanigans earlier. I really adored her little giggle and "This is so much fun!" before running back into the station. I also liked how well she played the detective in telling him the truth but making it and herself seem silly and unimportant.

+ I liked Young-shin's amusement at Min-ja's rant and her speaking into the barrette microphone to ask Min-ja to stop teaching Jung-hoo such terrible lines.

+ Moon-ho's broadcast really worked for me and this time I was right there with starry eyes along with everyone else. I really loved his send off of "we remember you". Now I feel like Moon-ho is either going to end up dead or the mayor.

+ Wow, they were pretty thorough with linking Moon-shik to Young-jae's death. Good job Moon-ho. This should absolutely be enough to not only end him political career but also start a criminal investigation on him, no? I'm curious to see how the Elder reacts to this. He seems pretty invested in Moon-shik so I don't know that he'd drop him yet but I can see him deciding to go after Moon-ho.

+ All signs point to Moon-shik being a pretty bad dude but I'm weirdly still not completely sold. I don't think he had anything to do with his friends deaths - not 20+ years ago and not with Young-jae. With the latter I still think that his Secretary arranged the situation behind Moon-shik's back, as we've seen him do before, and Moon-shik's grief was both real and unfettered by any guilty conscious. But at the same time I do think it's just as possible he was involved Young-jae's death, and was grieved by it, and it shows how far he has fallen. idk.


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