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Great episode.

+ Young-shin meeting her mother for the first time was a beautiful scene. I love that they waited till Young-shin knew the truth to have them meet. Park Min-Young was amazing. I loved her helpless tears, and her explanation for them, and Myung-hee's utter sweetness towards her, and the lovely hand-holding. It was such a lovely first meeting and I can't wait until Myung-hee knows the truth. I hope it happens sooner than later so they have time to bond and get to know each other before the series ends (trusting the show won't kill her.)

Everything about their first meeting and the subsequent conversation was wonderfully done. I really love the quiet strength that Myung-hee showed, her matter-of-factness over her illness and willingness to talk even with the potential consequences. Her, in fact, fierce eagerness and desire to finally be able to talk about what happened that night and the satisfaction that someone has asked her about it.

+ Aww, the scene with Young-shin and her dad was so sweet. I love how he opened his arms and just held her because he is the best dad and has always known what she needed. Also her cafe ajusshi getting all emotional made me smile.

+ Jung-hoo and Young-shin working together was so great. I really love how much fun she has getting involved in these capers and how well they work together. Favourite part:

"...which direction?"

LOL. I loved her giant grin as she ran away. Also Jung-hoo's casual 'picture, picture' as he moved the goons as needed was fun.

+ Jung-hoo's little "omg she's so cute" smile at suspicious Young-shin was freaking adorable. The two of them smilingly walking together, holding hands, was also adorable.

+ I love how happy Moon-ho is to be working with Young-shin and Jung-hoo.

+ I loved Young-shin backing up to wave at Min-ja in the security camera and Min-ja's little smile as Jung-hoo came back to drag her away. Also Min-jae waved back to Jung-hoo's wave even though he can't see her and I find that really sweet.

+ I was all set to be annoyed with how they were playing the situation when it seemed so clear that the right course would have been to send Dae-yong after the tape and play decoys - and then that's exactly what they did! It was great. Even better they recorded Jung-hoo's meeting with Dong-chul. Then they went a step further to get a live video of the Elder and I'm impressed. Also worried for Jung-hoo and how he's planning to get out of this situation but very impressed with how they've brought everything together and how Moon-ho once again laid everything out in a very understandable and engaging narrative.
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