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World Enough and Time

I loved it. It was an amazing episode from start to finish. Definitely the best of the season and one of my favourites of the show overall.

+ That final sequence was so great. Everything about it worked perfectly. The slow reveal of the cyberman and then that it was Bill, the Master's confrontation with Missy and his dramatic shedding of his disguise (awesome! A+ on the goatee look), the Master being worried about his future, "give us a kiss", the Doctor's expression when he heard Simm!Master's voice, "You've met the ex." - Missy ♥, a Master on either side of cyber!Bill as the Master gleeful reveals the truth, Bill's repeated "I waited". So good!

+ Poor Bill! I'm semi-positive that she's going to survive this whole adventure but I'm not sure how. She had an impressively large hole in her torso that's going to be an issue if/when the Doctot gets her de-cybernised. That has to be a possibility regardless of what the Master said, right? Perhaps she'll end the season as a cyborg? It could be interesting.

+ Missy playing the Doctor was delightful. That entire opening sequence was just so much fun. I loved the Doctor munching on chips as he watched and sighed in agony at how slow and annoying they all were being. Missy's 'disposables' - 'thing one/and the other one' and then 'exposition/and comic relief', hee. Missy trolling the Companions about the Doctor's name and her terribleness at human flirting were also great moments. I could watch her gleefully eat scenery every episode.

+ One thing the episode has done is to finally make me believe that Missy was telling the truth about her desire to try 'being good'. That she hasn't been faking or playing a game this whole time. So the real test of it is going to the next episode. Bill is told that the cyberman 'hat' won't take the pain away but it will stop her from caring and that is exactly what the Master is offering Missy. If Missy has been honest than her tears and pain have been real and being offered the chance to go back to not feeling it has to have a huge draw for her.

Regardless of which way she chooses I am pretty sure it's all going to go horrible wrong. Because of course. I'm hoping that we're going to see Missy pull a sudden last minute betrayal but this time on her past self. I think that we may get her sacrificing herself to save the Doctor. I hope not because I adore Missy and I want her to stick around but it seems like a good possibility, redemption in death and all that. Or perhaps she'll kill her past and it'll act as a symbol of her choosing to side with the Doctor and 'be good'. That option seems really exciting to me. Making such a big change to the mythology, even if it's unlikely to be permanent, could really add something great to the series.

+ I loved Mr. Razor. He was so much fun and had so many wonderful lines and reactions. His relationship with Bill was great. I am both slightly disappointed and completely in love with the reveal that he was the Master in disguise. I never suspected even though I knew Simm was coming back.

"Excellent, positive attitude. Will help with the horror to come." - Razor
"What horror?" - Bill
"Mainly the tea." - Razor

Heeeeeee. His line readings are so great. I also loved that whole bit with the mask near the end and then 'seeing through his disguise' especially in retrospect.

+ After years living and working together the Master would have to have some feelings for Bill. They were friends. (That has to be a first for a Companion, no?) I think he did like her. That he wasn't lying when he told her that she was 'dear to him'. Even if he betrayed her in the end. But then that's the Master in a nutshell. I really hope this gets further exploration in the next episode.

+ The Cybermen reveal was really well done. I'd forgotten they were going to be in this season so when the evil doctor held up the helmet I had 'holy crap' moment. I also really liked this origin for them and the fact that they did out of desperation to survive. The reasoning behind why they look the way they do made them so much more horrifying then all other versions of the cybermen that we've seen before.

+ One of the most effective moments for me was Bill following the voice and finding that room of people because for the longest time I didn't actually understand what he was saying (idk why I was being so slow getting anything this episode, everything surprised me) so when I finally understood he was saying 'pain, pain, pain' over and over it hit me hard. The nurse coming in only to turn off the volume so his cries for help couldn't be heard was dark and chilling. The horror aspect of the episode was so well done.

+ The colony ship design and look was great.

+ I liked that for once the Doctor's usual spiel didn't work.

+ "She's a murderer." I mean Bill's not wrong. And it's the Master who kills for fun so she has a solid point but at the same time she's saying it to the Doctor who absolutely has just as high a death count. The Doctor waving away Bill's 'moral high ground' reminded me a lot of Missy doing the same to the Doctor in the previous episode.

+ This Doctor/Nardole exchange was great:

"Nardole agreed."
"I did not."
"You did in my head which is good enough for me."

I loved Nardole's little 'eh fine' reaction.

+ I really liked the flashback to the Doctor and Bill sitting out under the stars, having dinner and talking. The Doctor opening up to her and Bill being honest about her fear of Missy. It was just a lovely little scene. I also loved the cuts between "promise me you won't get me killed" and Bill with the giant hole in her after being shot. Oh, and the fact that the Doctor didn't make that promise because that's not something he can actually do. Previous versions absolutely would have made that promise.

+ "She was my man crush, I think she was a man back then" Aw, look at the Doctor trying to be hip, it reminds me of Eleven. Also I love that he's not actually sure which gender either of them were in the beginning.

+ "She's my friend. She's my oldest friend in the universe. ... She's the only person who I've ever met who's remotely like me." Aw. This was a great Doctor/Master episode. All their interactions were great. I loved Missy turning her sonic umbrella on the blue janitor when he turned on the Doctor.

+ I've found Bill's reactions to Missy a little off in the last two episodes in that I'm not sure why Bill is so afraid of her or was so angry/betrayed upon finding her in the TARDIS? Bill hasn't actually seen nor experienced the Master at her worst. I don't know. I wasn't sold on that.

+ I loved the Doctor sending a telepathic message to Bill's subconscious.

+ "That's his sarcasm face. He's making a joke." Aww. She knows him so well. I loved the fondness in her voice and her little smile. Her continuing to enthusiastically watch and narrate the slow video of him for years was sadly sweet.

+ I loved the whole time moving faster at the bottom of the ship vs the top. Timey-whimey fun! Also Razor/Master cracking himself up with "fast bottom", heh.

+ I had a little issue with how Bill dealt with her years in the hospital, mostly with the fact that we don't get to see her make any attempt to communicate or help the others. She knows they are in horrific pain but she only seems to ask Razor questions that she knows he won't answer. She is far too compassionate and active a person to have simply accepted that for years. A short scene with her trying and failing to help a half-converted, possibly in the process causing more pain or killing them, would have helped.

+ I wonder if Bill shooting the Doctor and his fake regeneration, which was stupid and terrible and out of place, was done as foreshadowing of Cyber!Bill killing the Doctor and setting off his next regeneration for real?
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