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We Need 2% Humidity in Our Hearts

I really loved this episode. This was definitely one of the best yet.

“It’s the men who have eye problems for not seeing your worth.” – Tae Bong.

• Oh Tae Bong, trying to subtly convince her to go on a real date and she is just so distracted by the food that she’s completely not listening. I loved his face as he watched her eat. Actually I love watching his face pretty much any time he watches her. Like when he sees Dal Ja at her office and gets this lovely smile on his face. Or when he was watching her on the bus, or through the customer’s window, or in the morning when she was pretending to sleep, or when he was trying to coax her out of the motel. I adore how much he adores her. It just makes me go ‘awwwww’ x100 and then squee over them. I mean, him trying to catch her when she fell asleep on the bus without revealing himself was so freaking adorable! I love them. I think Tae Bong is one of my very favourite main leads yet.

• So job wise she went from the managing director of the actual shows to working in customer service... how does that in any way work with Seon Joo’s ultimatum? Yes, she stated that she would leave if Dal Ja was fired but the reasons she gave were because she couldn’t see herself working without Dal Ja there behind the scenes. So while she wasn’t fired... the effect as far as Seon Joo is concerned is the exact the same.

• Awww, Dal Ja’s co-workers lining the hall with giant cards of best wishes and balloons was lovely. I love how much they love her. I love that Dal Ja went to rant/complain about her new boss to them after a bad first morning. I really got the feeling that they all knew each other really well and liked each other. Also I loved how well she covered when caught by her new boss.

“Don’t you dare run away in tears in the days to come.” – Ms. Kang
“In the future, when I return to my original department, please do not beg me to stay.” – Dal Ja

Wow. What has gotten into Dal Ja? I love it. Their stare down was great and I love Dal Ja being kind of bitchy. Seon Joo would have been so proud!

• So Ki Joong didn’t know what was happening with Dal Ja so, okay, fine. But I hate how that scene played out because he was the third player in the whole drama, even he wasn’t actually there, and he’s the one who ‘cheated’ on his wife and yet not only isn’t there any censure towards him, there also seems to be no gossiping or derision or disgust directed at him. It is very annoying.

• Hmm. I’m really surprised that the higher ups in the company didn’t appear to consider what Ki Joong’s reaction would be to Dal Ja being fired or transferred – considering the fact that not only was she the main person on his team at the company but she was, as far as they knew, his girlfriend! Now maybe they did consider it and punishing or showing their customers that they had punished Dal Ja ended up being more important than keeping Ki Joong happy but I wish we’d seen that discussed by anyone. I don’t imagine anyone would think he’d be happy about it.

“... I think Representative Eom should know what happened to the managing director.” – Son Yeon Suk. She’s the other woman we mostly see on Dal Ja’s team and apparently she’s pretty awesome. I guess I spoke too soon in the above point, it does still mostly stand, but I loved what Yeon Suk said here and how she said it was perfect. She was definitely calling him out while not obviously doing so. There was the disdain I wanted! It was subtle but there.

“She’s someone with strong pride. ... A woman, living by herself in this world, is not easy. Even more so if she’s mistaken for a woman of ill-conduct.” – Seon Joo. This sounds very much like someone who knows exactly what she is talking about. I wonder if the reason she’s so cold and cuts herself off from feeling for others is because she was Dal Ja when she was younger and went through this same situation but didn’t have anyone to help her? Anyway, I love Seon Joo speaking up for Dal Ja and being protective of her. It made me happy.

“Also, she keeps calling me Oh Mal Ha, Oh Mal Ja. I’m even getting confused with my name! Am I Oh Mal Ja or Oh Dal Ja?” Heee. I loved that after that part of the rant we go to a reaction shot of her former co-workers and most of them start laughing.

• I loved Dal Ja’s scenes with her mom. I really love their affection for each other. I loved the night scene and Dal Ja cuddling up to her mom and her mom cuddling back. It’s not something you see much in the west but I found it so sweet. I loved her mom believing her and telling her that she’s wonderful and I loved Dal Ja’s “of course, see who’s daughter I am?” in response.

“The two of them are so lovey-dovey. Those without daughters are most pitiful.” – aww, poor grandma. Clearly she needs to meet and hook up with Tae Bong’s grandfather, who’s terrified of his daughter, and then they both can be happy.

• Tae Bong’s friend, whose name I do not know, is very hot. I just find him so attractive. Whenever he’s in a scene I find myself just watching him instead of paying attention to what’s going on. He needs to be in more scenes.

“It was cool of you, kneeling and begging. It’s not easy to do that.” – I wonder if Seon Joo had to do that? I loved that Dal Ja thanks her for saying that, and that it motivated her, and I loved Seon Joo’s smile after she left. It was so sincere. I love them.

“Now I remember. I’m someone who’s worth a lot, someone who can do important things.” – Dal Ja. I love so much that the centre of this show really is Dal Ja finding herself, growing and becoming the person she wants to be.

• You know, possibly Ki Joong’s crazy wife did Dal Ja a favour because since her transfer at work Dal Ja has been so snarky, and confident and has been standing up for herself in ways we didn’t see much of before. I love it. I also loved Ms. Kang’s reaction to Dal Ja’s confidence – the almost smile, the compliment, her giving the work to someone else and her finally calling Dal Ja by name. I knew from the first scene that they would end up friends. I mean they’re not there yet but they’re certainly on that path.


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