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Die All, Die Merrily

There was so much great stuff in this episode, one thing that made me go WTF and something that made me really sad. Overall, a great episode.

The Greatest Sadness

+ ... D: I am super sad about Roan's death. I knew I would be but I'm even more sad than I was expecting. I figured there was a very high chance of death but I kept hoping. There were ways he could have lived. Hell, every other plan/attempt to save the day has been interrupted by shenanigans why not this one? They even had the perfect opportunity with Echo cheating - they could have disqualified him, damn it!

I'm sad that he died, I hate that he died at odds and disappointed by the two people closest to him, and I wish his death itself had been different. In his alliance with Octavia he told her that until Luna's death they were one clan but once the black rain came Octavia ran leaving Roan to his death. Could she have saved him? No, but she didn't try. One last betrayal of honour for Roan. Then he got drown in a black rain puddle of all things.

+ I wish I could be in denial about his death. Like, sure he was stabbed a bunch but none were fatal, and sure he was then drown in face-melty radiation water but just because he stopped moving doesn't mean he's dead! Hell, it was a fountain of fresh water which counteracts black rain and it only just started black raining. He could have faked being drown! He did it with Clarke the first time they met so there's precedent. Plus Clarke had someone out there collecting people so maybe they grabbed him too! ... okay I think I've actually convinced myself of this now. I will 100% buy this explanation if the show chooses to go there. (I know they won't, and a part of me doesn't even want them to because it would feel like a cop-out but I like denial better. I will also accept confused zombie Roan too.)

+ "I'm not willing to cast aside honour for power." What this episode really highlighted was how genuinely honourable Roan was and the ways in which he was a fair and great leader. I think he added an evenness and thoughtfulness with his leadership that is really going to be missed.

+ What makes his death even worse is Clarke and Roan's last scene and their break-up. It was so painful! They parted with harsh words and their friendship broken ): Couldn't TPTB have given us them making up and leaving each other in a good place? Roan's disappointment and disgust with Clarke hurt. Especially because he has been so supportive of her and respected her as a person so damn much. I hate that it ended there for them.

+ One thing I did love was him approaching Octavia for an alliance. For all that he shut Clarke down her words stuck with him and he ended up agreeing with her to the point that he was echoing what she said when he approached Octavia. I like to think that if he'd lived he and Clarke would have been able to work themselves past the divide between them.

My Biggest Issue

+ WTF, Clarke! D: I think this is actually the most issue I've ever had with a decision she has made. Weirdly, my biggest issue with this choice isn't that she made it - because this is absolutely a Clarke move to make - but rather with all the stuff that has been said around her this season leading up to it.

With Clarke this season it has been all about her seeing past her clan and about her trying to save everyone. Clarke wants to save Skaikru and Grounders alike. She's said so over and over. So for her to make this choice, to take the Bunker and install her people is just.... ugh. Damn it Clarke. Especially with Octavia's speech at the end - that is exactly where I thought the show was taking Clarke, where all her build up was leading. Her choosing everyone, making all clans her clan and sharing the bunker equally. It's like Octavia was randomly giving the end of Clarke's season arc. What was even the point of all that 'seeing past tribal attitudes' then? It was hammered home again and again with her. That she was the one who saw past tribal lines, that she was the one working to save everyone. I'm left feeling both annoyed and confused. What was Clarke's arc about than? I don't understand the choice made with Clarke this episode and how it ties into the rest the season. What was the point of Roan constantly bringing it up with her?

The last thing Roan says to Clarke is: "Get off this battlefield before you dishonour your people once again." which ended up being rather prophetic.

All that said I do understand how she came to make this specific choice and why. If you accept the idea that Luna winning would have the consequence of no one getting the bunker (something I have a hard time with) then Clarke's worry is very understandable. Her goal is to save humanity, which she tells Roan, and she knows that Luna is the strongest fighter. When Roan rejects her alliance offer and thus the best hope (in her eyes) of defeating Luna she moves onto Plan B. Clarke is all about making the hard choices. Defeating Luna seemed unlikely without Roan on Octavia's side so she chose to save the little bit of humanity she could easily sneak into the bunker - Skaikru. I get all that.

Plus this actually works with Jaha mentoring her this season and her beginning to find him more reasonable. What I just don't understand is how this works with everything else we've been getting about Clarke this season. How does this forward her journey into overcoming tribalism? Perhaps this is supposed to be Clarke's lowest point? Or maybe the story has swerved from her being the hero to becoming an anti-hero or villain and this is her fall? I'm not sure how I feel about that.

She's still my fav, always, I just wish I knew where the show was going with her.

The Good

+ "You are my people" ♥ Octavia/Indra were damn beautiful and perfect. I adored everything about their interactions. Indra going to Octavia and giving her fighting tips. The way you could see Indra thinking "I am" when Octavia denied being afraid because she didn't want to lose her adopted daughter. Indra giving Octavia her clan sword! The tears in both their eyes as they maybe said goodbye and the hug. I got a little choked up.

+ "We will share it. Equally. Because we are equal. We are one clan." - Octavia This was a great moment. Her entrance was badass. Indra holding up an injured Octavia and telling her that Lincoln would be "so proud of you", subtext that Indra is so proud of her was wonderful.

But what really makes it work so well is that it's Octavia saying it because she is the only person who doesn't, and has never had, a clan. She was never really Skaikru and while she tried to make herself Trikru she didn't fit there either. So her coming to the realisation that she and everyone else are one clan and sharing it with everyone, as well as convincing everyone else with her own belief in it, seems such a logical place for the story to go.

+ The Octavia/Luna scenes were excellent and I really love that it was Luna and her despair and nihilism that was the final push Octavia needed to let go of her own post-Lincoln despair. She saw her own despair shining back in Luna's face and words and then she rejected it. I love that part of that was for Octavia to embrace who Lincoln was. He believed in the good in people and now Octavia is willing and able to do the same. It worked even better because of Lincoln/Luna's connection and that it was Lincoln who lead Octavia to Luna in the first place. Just - everything about how that played out was so great. It all came together perfectly. ♥

+ I didn't even realise that Octavia was wearing Lincoln's tattoo. Aw. I like how it's meaning changed from the beginning - her wearing it as a remembrance while going to her death and not really caring - to the end where she's wearing it while embodying all the best of Lincoln, having finally let go of her despair over his death.

+ Luna being so done with everything was a little delightful, a lot sad and surprisingly believable. She's been on this path for awhile but what happened in the bunker pushing her firmly over the edge to 'fuck everyone' and thinking that humanity doesn't deserve to survive made sense. She always had that inner darkness that's haunted her, she's lost all her people, then the disaster that was the bunker, and then she returns to Polis to find everyone fighting to the death with three days till the end of the world - so yeah, her giving into despair worked for me. It made me really sad to see and her final speech to Octavia was painful but I bought it. [I just wish the last episode had put in a scene with her and Raven/Murphy/or Clarke showing more of her reaction to what had happened so it could have acted as a bridge to her showing up at the Conclave.]

Her appearance at the beginning actually amused me. My main two thoughts were 'I bet Roan's regretting his part in the bunker now, lol' (sob) and 'quick, Clarke, shove a couple helpless kids in front of her!' It became a lot less fun by the end, sigh.

+ I love to bits Bellamy/Octavia and where the show took them this episode. I was really hoping that the destruction of their relationship since Lincoln's death and Bellamy's black rain letting go of Octavia was actually the needed beginning for them to rebuild their relationship in a much healthier way - and that's exactly what happened! Yay. I mean they haven't interacted much but all signs point there.

Bellamy's attitude towards Octavia was great. He didn't try to talk her out of fighting but made sure she wasn't pressured to; he didn't cheat to help her win but he did protect her by stopping Echo; he didn't know what to say to her but ended up saying the exact right thing and most important of all he believed in her. On Octavia's side she's always had a hard time, especially since Lincoln, accepting what Bellamy says to her so her over-hearing Bellamy telling Roan how much he believes in her allowed her to finally accept it and you could see it on her face. I loved her expression. Also my note on that scene read: "Bellamy tells Roan she will gut him, Octavia is moved", hee.

+ I really loved Bellamy's advice to Octavia - for her to use her past as the girl under the floor to win - because it made so much sense and I love that it's what ended up being the main thing that helped her win.

+ The Bellamy/Roan/Echo scene was great. I enjoyed all of it.

+ Clarke having Bellamy saved kind of made no sense because there is no way that they could have known he'd be out of the tower or where he would be but I loved it all the same.

+ I love that Luna was firmly the most dangerous and powerful fighter and that Octavia won by trickery.

+ I loved the shot of Clarke leaning on one side of the chair and Jaha leaning on the other side and neither of them sitting in it, putting them on an equal footing.

+ "You're not being there is worse than saying the wrong thing." Basically the best thing Clarke did this episode and surprisingly good emotional advice from her.

+ Actually I like the payoff of Clarke/Jaha this season. We've seen him slowly winning her over and for them to be allies now makes sense and works really well. My hope is that like with Lexa's mentoring in season 2 Clarke ultimately rejects Jaha's POV and forges her own direction. ... although now that I put it like that this was a very Lexa circa season 2 move. It's like that moment outside Mount Weather (another bunker) all over again just in reverse. And this time Clarke is Lexa. Huh.

+ I loved the Octavia/Kane hug and thought the Indra/Gaia hug was lovely.

Everything Else

+ Poor Ilian. I knew he was a goner. I wish Ilian/Octavia had worked better for me so their plotline this episode and his death would have resonated more. Instead my first thought after his death was that maybe Octavia and Clarke could bond over killing a former lovers who was into them way more then they felt in return.

+ Poor Echo. I actually felt really bad for her. She's super loyal, she cares for Roan so much and she was just trying to help her people. It sucks for her too that her relationship with Roan ended on such a bad note.

+ "There are people worth saving. Just not you." I didn't like this. It felt unnecessary, and unfair to Luna.

+ Wtf, Clarke, listening or working with Jaha is never a good idea, get a grip! I feel like my mistrust of him was proven right here.

+ I call bullshit on the black rain. We've seen that it causes way more damage and quicker.

+ Indra not fighting for Trikru feels like a cop out but since it means she got to live I'm fine with it.

+ I feel like abiding by a conclave works in normal situations but when praimfyre and complete eradication is involved there is no way Luna would actually have manage to keep people from the bunker.

+ I'm sad that we never got a final Luna/Raven scene. They were such a great pairing, and they died too quickly. Luna seriously should have stayed on the island and gone to space with Raven. It would have made just as much sense, more even.

+ I'm have TonDC flashbacks - Kane, Octavia and Indra were all abandoned to die there as well. That time Lexa made the decision and against her better judgment Clarke went along with it. This time Clarke is choosing without any prompting to sacrifice them.

+ The thing that's suddenly sticking out to me is that Skaikru has always been alone. They've never had to interact with other groups before they reached the ground. Meanwhile, with the Grounders they had each other to work off, alliances to be made and broken, and wars fought. It just suddenly hit me that as a group Skaikru doesn't actually have pre-Ground experience in how to deal with others.


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