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I'm loving the Agents of Hydra arc thus far.

4x16 'What If...'

+ I loved Jemma's scene with the student. Her frustrated "rogue piece of code" rant, her getting it together and talking to him like a person, her reassuring him that Hydra are nazis and encouraging him to keep fighting. It was a lovely scene.

+ I love that Ward is a double agent in this universe too. I like the twist that he's working for the Resistance and that he switched sides to protect Skye.

+ Poor May. She just can't win. She gets to fix her greatest regret, the one that left her damaged and unable to move past it, and then the Framework takes it all away by making it so much worse. I do wonder if this could lead to some healing once she returns to the real world but she's also doing evil things which could only serve to mess her up even more. Sigh.

+ I loved Jemma taking out the two Hydra agents.

+ Daisy really isn't the best at undercover is she? I kept wanting to tell her to get a grip. It surprises me a little that Jemma is the better undercover spy between them.

+ "You're the closest thing that I have to family." - Daisy. Aww.

+ I loved Jemma's passive-aggressive doneness with Ward existing. "What a surprise.", lol.

+ AIDA looks fabulous as the head of Hydra

4x17 'Identity and Change'

+ I love that Daisy's confession of love didn't suddenly bring back real!Coulson like I thought. This is so much more interesting. Paranoid conspiracy theorist enthusiastically throwing himself into spy shenanigans is a delight. 'Mind control soap', lol. Him fanboying Mace was fun too.

+ I love the quiet world-building - the scene at the bus stop was great. The way everyone is moving to line up before the cars even stopped, the relief when it wasn't them Hydra was after and them immediately getting back to what they were doing afterwards. Creepy.

+ I loved Daisy's ass-kicking in an elevator moment.

+ I noticed the green in Ophelia's hair this time, great detail.

+ Poor Mack. It is going to hurt so much when he learns the truth. He and Hope are adorable and she is such a great kid.

+ Poor Fitz too. Regardless of how things work out he's now killed an innocent woman, and tortured his friends.

+ I'm actually enjoying evil 'Doctor' Fitz and AIDA doing her best impression of an evil overlord while fighting to be real. I loved her story to Fitz about there being another world.

4x18 'No Regrets'

+ TRIP!!!! ♥♥ OMG, they brought him back! I was hoping for this but I didn't actually think it would happen. And he's exactly like real Trip. I'm so happy. I want to keep him forever. AIDA became a person, with some help from the Darkhold, okay, but why can't one of the Framework constructs do the same? And there's some handy LMD technology in the real world that can create a new body. I'm just saying we could get Trip back. And in their hearts the writers know we should. #TRIPLIVES!

+ Aw, Mace. I did not see his death coming. But him dying saving a kid, while fighting for everyone's future and as an actual Inhuman hero is the exact death he would have wanted. That said his death is a bit more bitter than bittersweet because unless AIDA has been kidnapping random real people and adding them into the Framework (which would be a great twist) that kid he saved wasn't real even if he thought he was. So it ends up feeling a bit like he gave his life for nothing. Though I suppose that by doing so he pushed May to 'free' Daisy which will likely lead to all their freedom so he did do his part to help his people too.

+ Loved this exchange:

"Miss Simmons, we'd like a word." - Mace
"It's Doctor." - Jemma

+ Really enjoying the Jemma/Ward interactions particularly the scene where they watched Mack and his daughter.

+ I'm going to miss Framework!Ward. It's been nice to see how things could have been different if all that loyalty had been turned towards SHIELD and his team.

+ "This isn’t what I meant, you sadistic witch!" - Radcliffe LOL. Great darkly funny little moment.

+ May Terragenesis-ing Daisy was a great moment but I don't entirely buy it. Mace's heroic death and the fact that she was ordered to fire on a building of kids are definitely enough for her to begin questioning but to jump straight into betrayal and wanting to take down Hydra, eh I don't know. I mean this May fixed her one greatest regret of killing a child only to have that child kill hundreds and usher in this new fascist Hydra age. The idea of killing a kid (for the greater good) is going to have a different resonance for her. Even Mace proving himself heroic and a good person should only make her question and turn wholly. Perhaps Coulson's words got to her a bit?

+ A part of me wishes that they had given Trip a background with Jemma much like they gave Skye/Ward. So that when they came face-to-face both were shocked and then Jemma has to deal with a further shock of Trip thinking they were in love.


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