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Mr. Kaplan (No. 4)

I really enjoyed it.

+ "She’s going to continue to be who she is. And I’m not going to stop watching over her." I loved Red’s speech to Mr. Kaplan. The whole thing worked so well. I loved Red acknowledging who Liz is now. That she has made this life of studying and capturing criminals and that is who she is and him not being in her life wouldn't change that.

+ I found Liz rather fascinating this episode.

First, there’s the first Post Office scene. Everyone is freaked out – about Gale, Aram about his subpoena – while Liz stands back watching them and then it’s her who ends up taking control of the meeting. She cuts through the panic, lays out what they need to do and gets everyone on task. In itself I liked it a lot but I really loved her response to Harold questioning her on why she was helping Red. I love how she calmly acknowledges what Red did to her, having her kidnapped and drugged, and calls it indefensible but neither offers condemnation against him nor excuses for it and is just like ‘yeah, but we’re a team what are you gonna do?’ She’s so... not emotional about it, there’s no evocation of her recurrent ‘ugh Red’ reactions. (Even though it’s certainly deserved this time.) Instead she is completely focused on the current issue facing them. It was great!

Second, the Liz/Samar car ride with the thief, which really encapsulated just how far into moral grey they have both fallen. Even before he started talking and revealed how much he knew they were already planning to turn him over to Red. This wasn’t a change of plans based on him backing them into a corner with his threats. And sure he is not a good guy – he killed three people without blinking which would indicate he’s killed a lot more than that – but to turn him over knowing he’d be killed in turn is, yikes. I mean it’s not the first time but still. I would have expected to at least have a moment of them exchanging looks when they learned he knew everything and a change of plans. But what really stuck out to me was Liz and her reactions to the thief. When she told him not to celebrate she actually seemed a bit smug over knowing what they were really planning and she even had a little almost smile when he scoffed that they wouldn’t shoot him. It felt a little like she was amused even.

Third, Liz lying to Harold! I loved how upset she was when she realised that Red was going after Kate by himself. The way she said "I asked you not to do this." indicated that despite the fact that he did say he couldn’t back when she first asked she was still expecting him to listen to her. Even after the kidnapping! Then she goes from that latest let down from him and freaking lies to Harold about it. To protect Red! Just... ! She is putting Red first over being truthful to Harold. I'm happy about it. I want Liz to have this sort of unshakable loyalty to Red no matter what but it's unexpected.

+ "I’m convinced the we either rise together or fall apart." I rather love how they’re setting up a situation of our team vs the world and them having to draw together to protect each other.

+ "You ever have one of those kind of days where nothing goes right? ... The kind of day that you’d kill to get your mojo back? I’m having one of those days." Heh but also aw poor Red. Between this and his phone call with Liz where he resignedly tells her that he "didn’t touch (the thief)" and just seemed so drained by Liz continuing to think the worst of him, I was really feeling bad for him! I mean this is mostly his own fault but aww Red.

+ I really like that once again Red has attempted to reach a peace with Kate so this situation could have a non-violent end.

+ "For Masha. I thought we lost her once I won’t lose her again." I always love when Red talks about his love for Liz.

+ Wait, Dom didn’t know that Liz was alive? How??? That’s one massive misstep this show keeps making. Liz is freaking infamous and the show keeps ignoring or forgetting that. It’s been driving me all crazy all season. Does he not have a tv, radio or read the newspaper? There is isolating yourself and then there is being a complete hermit which he clearly is not. She was pardoned by the president!

+ Red not telling Dom that she was alive is such a dick move but also very in-character and I enjoyed Dom telling him off. I don’t really buy Red’s excuse for why he didn’t tell Dom either. I’m not 100% certain of the timeline but Red knew Liz survived for a long time before Mr. Kaplan targeted him. Now it makes sense he wouldn’t for much of the first half because he was very distracted by Constantin/Kirk and attendant issues but there was definitely time after he dealt with him to tell Dom. I’m pretty sure he didn’t say anything because he's a control freak and selfish.

+ Aww to Dembe’s purpose being to protect Red.

+ "I’m sorry. I wish that I’d been who you wanted me to be." I find Red and Dom's relationship so interesting and I really want to know more about it. Is the intimacy between them just over a shared loss of Katarina?

+ The return of Dom does have me once again going wth on Kate’s flashbacks. How does Dom fit into Kate’s flashbacks? You’d think that Dom would know Masha’s nanny. I really hope they address the inconsistencies in Kate’s memories vs what we already know.

+ Yet another betrayal for Red. I doubt we’re going to get an answer at this point but I want to know why Abe helped Mr. Kaplan take all of Red’s money. Red sincerely trusted him and knew him well.


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