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World By Capital - 178 / 196
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World By Capital - 161 / 196

Countries With the Fewest Letters - 29 / 45

Capitals Missing a Word + Country 38 / 40 I completely blanked that it was Cape Town though I knew it was in South Africa. Also I got that Porto-? was in Benin and I knew the basic needed letters to fill in the blank - n, o, v - but I thought there was also an 'r' and I had no idea how to put it together. So basically I didn't know it.

Capitals of South America 12 / 12

Capitals of North America - 18 / 23 Ugh, I hate spelling. Tegucigalpa Honduras is my current nemesis. Also I knew, mostly, what the Dominican Republic's capital was except instead of Santo Domingo I thought it was Dominga or Dominago. Basically I thought there was an 'a' in it somewhere and when it kept coming up wrong it was making me second guess myself. I blanked on Bridgetown Barbados (meaning I would have gotten it if I'd had a list of capitals instead) and had no idea about Nicaragua (Managua) and Dominica (Roseau).

Capitals of Asia - 42 / 48 I completely blanked on Turkmenistan (Ashgabat). I knew it had started with an 'a' but I just couldn't think of it. Then there was Tbilisi Georgia which I thought had more S's in it then it did but is one I would have gotten if I'd seen the name. I am very pleased I got Brunei's Bandar Seri Begawan because I didn't think I would be able to spell it.

I didn't know: Manama Bahrain, Baku Azerbaijan, Thimphu Bhutan and Vientiane Laos.

Capitals of Africa - 34 / 54 ...yeah, not good but about what I was expecting. I knew that Africa was my weakest area.

The ones I knew: Bangui (Central African Republic) - I thought it ended had an 'e'. If I'd kept playing with the word I would have probably gotten it. Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) - spelling gets me again.

Countries I missed: Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Comoros, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Togo, Ghana, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea and Cape Verd.
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World By Capital - 146 / 196

Progressively Harder Capitals - 36.9% - Sierra Leone I had no idea. Apparently it's Freetown! I'd thought that was one of the Caribbean islands. I did cheat a bit on this one - I completely blanked on Belgrade Serbia (and casually purused my 'geography games' tag, and then I just could not spell Ascuncion. I knew it was the capital of Paraguay and I knew the general sound of it and the letters needed but I couldn't put it together - so I searched for it.

It's interesting to see which capitals most people find easy/hard. I was surprised by some of the placements. This will definitely be a game I'll play more.

Capital Trip - 11 / 24 Not great. I'll try again at some later date once I've forgotten the quiz.
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World By Capital:

143 / 196
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Name World Capitals

Try #1 - 98 / 196 I was distracted (I had to keep pausing and left the computer a couple times) and didn't even manage to finish it so I'm going to do it a second time (without doing anything else first or looking at the answers.) There are some I'm just not going to get because of spelling - Brunei, for example - but I want to at least finish the bloody thing.

Try #2 - 111 / 196 So a little bit of an improvement. It's really annoying that there are a number of cities that I would know to look at but can't for the life of me spell - Brunei, Madagascar, Honduras, Myanmar, Paraguay, UAE and why can't I ever spell Kuala Lumpur? It's not that hard! (Plus spell check if it's a world capital you should know how to spell it!)

Also why the hell is it so hard for me to remember the Eastern European capitals? Belgrade = Serbia, Zagreb = Croatia, Chisinau = Moldova, Podgorica = Montenegro, Skopje = Macedonia, Pristina = Kosovo and Sofia = Bulgaria (it's a girl's name, this should be easy!)
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World By Capital score - 129 / 196
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Geography: I didn’t make a post on Saturday but I did do the maps and for the first time I got 100% on all of them. I’ve done the maps every day since and every time I’ve finished them all. Well except the World one – I still always miss some. But basically I have the names (and locations) of every country down and it happened far quicker than I thought it would to be honest. I'm very pleased.

I find this clip from the movie The Cement Garden very interesting and actually kind of hypnotic. I think it’s the actress and her voice. I’ve watched it over several times now.

Anyway what she says in the clip is so true: “Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots. ‘Cause it’s ok to be a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading. Cause you think that being a girl is degrading.” I've never thought of it exactly like that but that's kind of true, isn't it? You see this in the dismissal of ‘girly’ things as somehow less (dolls, makeup, pink), in the phrase ‘you run like a girl’, in the way that a man doing anything stereotyped as female/feminine gets derision [stay at home dad, being a nurse, getting mani/pedis, sometimes being too ‘emotional’ ie: crying (because male emotion is anger which is okay (as long as it’s a man doing it, if a woman is she’s too emotional/a bitch)], listening, caring about clothes...) I just loved this quote and it stating it right out.

The Big Bang Theory 4x04 ‘The Hot Troll Deviation’

This was excellent. It’s joined the list of my favourite TBBT episodes. short )

Lost Girl 1x05 ‘Dead Lucky’

happy thoughts )
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South America 12/12 (4:24).
North America 23/23.
Europe 47/47.
Africa 53/53 (Yay!).
Asia 48/48.
Oceania 11/14 – I missed Tonga (again), Tuvalu and Vanuatu.
World 186/195 – This map is actually kind of useless because names become so much and so big that it completely obscures the map and it’s really hard to see what I’ve missed. Some I miss because my mind blanks but most I miss because I can’t see anything but a sea of names all over the place.

Bones 6x04 ‘The Body and the Bounty’: I enjoyed this episode much more then the last one. In fact it’s my favourite of the season. It just felt like the Bones I love. The characters and character interactions worked better. very short )

Fringe 3x04 ‘Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?’

I enjoyed this episode but I found it a lot less satisfying than the previous one. I’m having a hard time with Red Olivia actually fooling everyone into believing that she’s Blue Olivia and I think that’s making the Blue universe stories less interesting for me. The longer it drags out the more issues I’m having with it.

Read more... )
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Asia 48/48.
Europe 47/47.
South America 12/12.
North America 23/23.
Oceania 9/14 – I forgot about Tonga and Solomon Islands. I remembered Kiribati, or at least the Kiri part of it. What I really have to work on is learning Nauru and Vanuatu.
Africa 47/53 – I had the hardest time with Mauritania (kept forgetting the ‘r’) and thus Mauritius (which I didn’t get in time) and I forgot Sierra Leone and Mozambique.

OMG. omg Lauren Cohan is guest-starring on The Vampire Diaries! ♥ Sqeeeeeee! This makes me so ridiculously happy I can’t even say. I am pretty absurdly ecstatic right now. Cut for spoilery squeeing )

A thought on Damon: Damon wants to be needed, he thrives on it. I think it’s a large reason why he came to be so close to Liz and to genuinely like her. She needed him and let him help her and then gave him trust/like/approval (ie. positive reinforcement) when he did. And he’s very protective of those he cares about.

Haven 1x13 ‘Spiral’

This was a pretty good finale. It ended with an excellent and shocking cliff-hanger that I didn’t see coming at all. I am so glad the show was renewed because it would suck so much if this was it.

Read more... )

Hellcats 1x06 ‘Ragged Old Flag’

This was actually a really good episode.

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Today’s Map Labeling:

Africa - 44/53. That’s eight more than yesterday which surprises me (but a nice surprise.) I totally forgot about Botswana (and it was really bugging me) and Sierra Leone. I knew ‘Sao Tome’ but forgot the ‘and Principe’ and I had a hard time getting the right spelling for Mauritius (I did get it). So to work on, beyond not forgetting countries I know, will be Sao Tome and Principe, Burkina Faso, Benin and Burundi.

Europe - 44/47 which is two more than yesterday. I completely blanked on Bulgaria (I knew it but I couldn’t think of it), I had Bosnia and Herzegovina except I couldn’t spell it, and Kosovo didn’t enter anywhere near my mind.

Asia - 46/48 because I completely blanked on Brunei (it was driving me crazy, I was going through all the B named countries. It was ridiculous) and Tajikistan (though with like 10 seconds left I suddenly thought of it and started going through various spelling and just ran out of time. I almost had it too.)

I did much better on North America than I thought I would with 20/23. I got Saint Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines (though to be fair it gave me it when I wrote Saint Vincent, I don’t know if I would have gotten the second part), Grenada and Antigua and Barbuda. I missed Barbados and I knew ‘Saint Kitts and’ but couldn’t remember ‘Nevis’. I also missed Nicaragua because I couldn’t remember how to spell it. For some reason I thought there was an ‘r’ at the end. Oops.

I also did better on the Oceania than I thought I would with 9/14. I got Vanuatu after playing around with the vowels for a minute or two (I knew it started with a ‘V’ had an ‘n’ and ’t’ and was made with a’s and u’s so it was just a matter of rearranging) so it could maybe be considered cheating since I didn’t know it.

Finally I did the world map and got 177/195 before I ran out of time. The crowdedness remains a problem. Perhaps next time I’ll have an unlabelled map next to it to look at. I ended up missing some very obvious ones because I couldn’t actually see anything but a sea of names after a certain point. El Salvador, Belarus, Syria and Chad for instance. Of course some of them I wouldn’t have gotten anyway (Kiribati, The Gambia, Cameroon) and some I just blanked on (Zimbabwe, Zambia). And once again I had a problem with Angola – I don’t know what it is about that name that keeps throwing me. Still, I’m pleased with how I did.
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I did the maps again. Today I got:

36/53 on Africa which is 9 more than I got yesterday. Nine new countries in a day is pretty good! I missed four that I should have gotten – Ethiopia (which I always think of when I do Estonia but forget about with itself), Senegal (my mind just blanked, I never thought of it), Togo (why do I always forget it when not playing Map Quest, why?) and CAR (because its initials stick in your mind or they should). Angola was driving me crazy because I knew it started with an ‘A’, there was an ‘o’ in there and it was similar to Andorra but I just could not figure it out! Africa has three Guinea’s which I’m going to try and remember for next time and Comoros, which I keep coming across, is north of Madagascar. Big plus is that I am much better at remembering where countries are now.

With Europe I got 42/47 which is five more than yesterday. I had the hardest time remembering Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not only could I not remember how to spell Herzegovina (not a clue even) I just could not think of Bosnia. It wouldn’t come.

On Asia I got 45/48 which is eight more than yesterday. I was left with Kyrgyzstan (which I think might be the hardest country name to remember ever), Azerbaijan (I knew it was an ‘A’, I feel like this should be easy to remember), and Tajikistan (which I was so close to getting, though I had it in the wrong spot. I knew it was ‘Ta’ and there was an ‘i’ and it ending in ‘stan’ but I just wasn’t quite getting it.)

I also played some Know Your World and ended by getting 4 km on New York City! That is definitely a new best. ThenI got 9 km on Auckland New Zealand.
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For the past couple days I have been obsessed with Geography games. I’ve been mainly playing Map Quest and How Well Do You Know Your World.

• Map Quest gives a short amount of time to label as many world countries as possible. Thus far my best is down to 90 countries left to label. I really like this game but sometimes I mess up spelling and I lose a lot of time that way. It probably helps my typing though. Other problems include how small the map is and so when I label enough countries in an area I end up unable to see what I’ve already written. It could be improved is what I’m saying.

• Know Your World is a question game where you are given a location (say, Paris France) and you have to plant a flag there (by clicking a place on the map with your mouse). There’s a timer so you don’t have too long to think and it asks about capitals, other cities and important monuments. I like how it calculates the distance between your flag and where it really is to get your score. The closest I’ve gotten is 14 km. The negative about this game is that the map is so small and there is no easy way to increase the size so that some countries aren’t even visible (like Israel or Qatar, not visible on the map) and you end up having to pick basically just the general area they should be and hope for the best. Despite that this is a pretty fun game. So far my best is level 11 (score to advance 550000), with an IQ of 122 and a final score of 478, 584.

• I found a Map Label Game here where you are given an area and set number of minutes to label as much as you can. It’s actually a nice break after playing against the clock in Map Quest.

Cut for length. Just a lot of detail on my scores for each of the maps. )


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